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Danhiko praised for helping the disabled

Danhiko project has been praised for providing the ladder that helps disabled and disadvantaged Zimbabweans to reach the summit of their aspirations and ability.

An official from cement manufacturer PPC Zimbabwe, Kelibone Masiyane said this as his company donated 100 desks and 100 chairs to Danhiko Secondary School.

“In the task to educate and to be educated, there are many tools that are needed to ensure that the knowledge the teacher holds is passed on to the student as efficiently as possible.

“Many of us … understand the irreplaceable value of receiving an education, and what a difference having the basic tools makes… we are privileged to be able to support Danhiko Project in this way.”

Danhiko Project was established to deliver quality education, skills training and production for people with disabilities and the disadvantaged within society to prepare them for employment and self-employment.

At a function attended by guests including officials from the ministry of Education, staff and students, PPC Zimbabwe said the donation was in recognition of the magnitude of the work that Danhiko Project has achieved.

“Danhiko’s values of Ubuntu, patriotism, empathy, integrity, professionalism, loyalty and humility are values that resonate with us at PPC. We believe that our role is to make builders’ projects easier to complete from start to finish, and to support our customers as our most valuable partners, through the building materials and solutions we provide,” Masiyane said.

PPC recently completed and commissioned a new $80 million cement milling plant, and the gesture was part of the company’s priority to uplift and invest in local people by giving back to the community. Daily News