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Ncwane’s child wishes they ‘fixed’ their relationship

Sfiso Ncwane’s 18-year-old daughter‚ Nqobile Mzelemu has been left devastated by her father’s death and wishes they had the chance to fix their strained relationship before his death.

Gospel star S’fiso Ncwane denies neglecting daughter
Gospel star S’fiso Ncwane

In August this year Nqobile fought with her dad publicly for allegedly “neglecting her”.

Even though Nqobile didn’t get the chance to fix things with her father‚ she knows he loved her.

“Daddy‚ I forgive you. I just wish we spent more time together‚ fixed our relationship‚ and I wish we had a father-daughter relationship‚” she told Drum magazine.

She told the publication that she hoped that he would calm down so that they could resolve their issues.

“The last time I spoke to him was in August and we were fighting. He was not happy that I exposed him. I hoped he’d eventually calm down so we could fix our relationship. I am at peace with everything‚” the 18-year-old says.

Nqobile added that despite their differences she knows he had a good heart and loved her.

Sfiso’s youngest son‚ Mawenza has also joined thousands of well-wishers in paying tribute to his dad.

“I will be a man that you asked me to be dad that is my promise to you. Good night daddy‚” Mawenza promised his dad.

Sfiso who died on Monday after being rushed to hospital where he was diagnosed with kidney failure will be laid to rest this Saturday‚ 10 December at Heroes Acre Cemetery in Durban. Sunday News