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Embarassment as Mudiwa breaks Jah Prayzah’s award

By Tawanda Matanhire

Rapper Mudiwa Hood was embarrassed at The Style Oracle Awards held at Casa Mia in Avondale on Wednesday when he volunteered to receive an award on behalf of Jah Prayzah and accidentally broke the gong on stage.

Gospel rapper Mudiwa "Hood" Mutandwa seen here in his open top convertible Mercedes
Gospel rapper Mudiwa “Hood” Mutandwa seen here in his open top convertible Mercedes

Jah Prayzah was not at the ceremony as he was in South Africa to ink a deal for an upcoming collaboration with other big African musicians.

The “Watora Mari” singer won the Most Stylish video award for the track he did with Tanzania’s Diamond Platnumz. The ceremony also saw The Herald senior reporter and fashion writer Tafadzwa Zimoyo taking an award for Best Dressed Media Personality.

After indications that Jah Prayzah was not around and there was no representative to take the award, Mudiwa opted to represent his fellow artiste, but his good gesture backfired as he became the highlight of the ceremony for negative attraction.

The rapper, whose real name is Mudiwa Mutandwa, is not new to the embarrassment associated with standing-in for fellow musicians at awards ceremonies without consultation with the award winners.

In February this year he collected Trevor Dongo’s Zimbabwe Music Awards accolade and the gesture sparked controversy after Trevor’s camp publicly lambasted Mudiwa for rushing to take the award without their blessings when they had a representative for that role.

And on Wednesday it was another embarrassing incident. It seems the year that opened on a bad note for the rapper has ended in similar colour. When Rumbie “Newsbae” Takawira who was presenting the award realised that Jah Prayzah wasn’t present, she called for someone to collect the award on his behalf.

Mudiwa grabbed the moment of limelight and went to take the award. As he walked to the podium Takawira jokingly said she hoped the rapper would not pull the Trevor Dongo stunt again. It seems she sensed a bad occurrence coming.

Upon receiving the glass and wood gong, it slipped from Mudiwa’s hands and the glass part broke into pieces. He stood in awe, with embarrassment written all over his appearance. The incident was met with a mixture of laughter and expressions of sympathy.

He could not hide the embarrassment which made it difficult for him to settle down for his meal. He said he was out of words about the whole incident and begged journalists present not to publish the story.

“I am out of words guys and I am very sorry to Jah Prayzah for such an accident, please media guys don’t publish this,”Mudiwa said.

“Jah is my friend, he will understand this,” he said.

For a moment, he went outside claiming he was going to call Jah Prayzah and explain the situation. Jah Prayzah was not reachable for comment yesterday, but sources said he had accepted Mudiwa’s apology. Organisers of the award replaced the broken gong.

Speaking after receiving his award, Zimoyo thanked everyone who has supported him in his career and said he would strive to uphold the good standards recognised in his work by SOFA. 

Zimoyo runs Fashion 263 column in the publication and has lived by the fashion tips that he gives in his articles. Miss Tourism patron Mrs Barbra Mzembi who was the guest of honour applauded the organisation for coming up with the fashion awards in the country.

“Thank you Kudzai (Madyopa, founder of the awards) and your team for a brilliant idea for having these awards for the first time. I think it’s a good way of lifting people’s self-esteem and make some of us to make an effort to improve how we look,” Mrs Mzembi said.

However, the awards ceremony was marred with disorganisation as it faced a lot of anomalies. Organisers had to reschedule the starting time from 6pm to 7.45pm which was a last minute decision after the venue management could not allow them to set up for the programme on time.

Founder and director of SOFA Kudzai Madyopa said time changing decision was beyond their control because they had to go with the venue management decision.

“We had to go with the venue management’s decision to start our set up for the programme a bit later because they wanted to also accommodate their guests,” said Madyopa.

Guests arrived while they were still doing their setup and most of them did not manage to go through a photo shoot as they went through the red carpet because there were no cameramen.

There was also a problem with the sound and visual engineer who failed to execute his duties. He played wrong bites a couple of times and failed to give the visuals on the monitor.

Madyopa said she was glad they had managed to pioneer the fashion award and hoped for a better event next year.

“We wanted to make sure we do something to recognise fashion icons in the country and I am happy we managed to host the event,” she said.

“I understand that it wasn’t perfect but I promise that next year we are going to have a bigger and better event,” she said.

Entertainment was provided by Paul Martin. The presenting hosts were Hollywood Lee and Jefferson Muserera. The event was also graced by the reigning Miss Tourism Ashley Morgen.

SOFA winners list

Lifestyle/fashion photographer of the year

Optimass Art

Best dressed media personality

Tafadzwa Zimoyo

Best fashion blogger

Lillian Madyara

Best fashionista

designer suits for men

Thembani Mubochwa

Best designer couture

David Alford

Most stylish music video

Jah Prayzah — WATORA MARI

Most stylish artiste


Best fashion house


Continental style influencer

Craig Zoowie

Best dressed corporate


Fashion influenced diaspora


Most stylish gospel influencer

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa

Most stylish individual

Pokello Nare

Source: The Herald