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I will have the last laugh: Muridzo

By Vasco Chaya

Rising star Andy Muridzo has defiantly told those labelling him a copycat that he will have the last laugh.

Andy Muridzo
Andy Muridzo

In addition to sounding like Jah Prayzah, Muridzo featured Tswana songstress Charma Gal on a remix of Derira following in the footsteps of the Jerusarema singer who had collaborated with the same singer on the hit Darlie Wami.

Critics have even alleged that Muridzo is working flat out to also collaborate with Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz who featured on Jah Prayzah’s hit Watora Mari.

“I feel blessed to be labelled a copycat because the same people who use that title are the very people who are now saying hats off  to Andy,” said Muridzo who was born Andrew Ngwenya in Uzumba, which is also Jah Prayzah’s home area.

Muridzo was noncommittal on whether he is chasing a collaboration with Diamond Platnumz.

“If I get the chance (to collaborate with Diamond Platnumz), I don’t see any problem. We cannot say do not eat pork because it has been eaten by somebody else before. What if it is also my favourite?” he asked.

The Uzumba-born artiste added that he is interested in doing duets with even bigger international stars.

“I am working on a new album now. If I could I would feature international artistes like Akon, John Legend and Tinashe among others. Thanks to the power of collaborations Derira is killing people in Botswana,” said Muridzo.

The Jeetaz Band leader told the Daily News on Sunday that he will always be grateful to Jah Prayzah.

“I did not take advantage of Jah Prayzah. He introduced me to this genre. I mastered it and marked my territory. The same beat will take me to the international stage in the same manner the Nigerians have done. They went international with their beat, why shouldn’t we do the same?” he asked.

The Chidhafu Dhunda singer told the Daily News on Sunday that his music is different from that of Jah Prayzah.

“The difference between my music and that of Jah Prayzah is that mine is mine and his is his. We only share the genre but I have never sung what he sings and he never sings what I sing,” he said.

Muridzo recently gained national prominence thanks to his second and latest album Ngarizhambe which carries the hit Derira.

Though the song has become a crucial component of every social gathering, many still scratch their heads trying to deduce the meaning of the song.

“When I sang Derira I thought what would be the secret behind biblical Delila’s deception to Samson and I clearly saw that it was her beauty and that is the same recipe that every woman uses.

“Each time she needs something from you she uses her beauty and wears attractive clothes and in the end even if you want to say no, it will be impossible,” he said.

Muridzo also laughed off claims that he is a womaniser who has dated a string of women who include controversial dancer Beverly Sibanda.

“I am not a womaniser; I am just friendly to everyone mostly women because they have fallen in love with my music.

“I am also happy that ladies constitute the bigger number of fans who attend my concerts and wherever I go, there are plenty of ladies who also pull men into the show. I only have two friends — my manager Simba and my female adviser Nomsa aka Domasie.” Daily News