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Winky D new album premieres on Thursday

By Bruce Ndlovu |Chronicle|
While a potential legal showdown is brewing between his camp and super producer, Oskid, dancehall maestro Winky D is set to debut his much anticipated album, Gafa Futi, live on ZiFM Stereo tomorrow.

Dancehall chanter Winky D
Dancehall chanter Winky D

The Gafa Life exponent will give eager listeners a taste of his full album between 10 and 11PM during the ZiJudgement Yard slot on ZiFM Stereo.

Those abroad will be able to live stream the programme on ZiFM Stereo’s website www.zifmstereo.co.zw.

The album is set to be released for mass public consumption the following day.

Its release comes in the midst of controversy with Oskid, who over the past year, has become the hottest property on the Zimbabwean music scene, producing for everyone from Winky to Fungisai and Leonard Zhakata, insinuating that a predatory Winky D wants to deprive him of his much deserved shine.

The producer, who is making a solid case for himself as a producer akin to the likes of Delani Makhalima before him, alleged in The Sunday Mail this week that Winky and his team had removed his signature tags on tracks from the upcoming album, an action which represents the reversal of a prior arrangement between him and Winky D.

Oskid cites that piece of deceit as the reason for their fallout, and it remains to be seen whether Winky D will go ahead with the album release despite the threat of legal reprisals having menacingly over his head.

Over the weekend, Winky unexpectedly announced the official premiere and subsequent release of his new album. Official listening sessions have also been scheduled for Cape Town and London in the coming weeks.

“The album promises new higher intelligence and science to music as Gafa Chi Extraterrestrial. It’s extracted from the universe’s many blackholes, sent through multiple worm holes, decrypted by the earthling encryption key Winky D,” posted Winky D on his Facebook wall.

“Gafa Futi has equations, formulas and answers to the worries of today. It challenges people to have no fear.”

The post also alluded to the fact that the album’s production was handled by Oskid and Layaan, two men who have provided Winky D with the soundscape from which he has derived his biggest hits.

“The 12-track album includes “Bhebhi raMwari”, the viral “25” and the successful collaboration with Dr Oliver Mtukudzi, singles which have been recently introduced singles at live shows.

“The album also boasts the production touch of the award winning producer, Prince ‘Oskid’ Tapfuma of Oskid Productions and Layaan Soljah of Vigilance Music.”

The importance of Oskid’s contribution to Winky’s runaway success cannot be overstated, as his has been the hand that played midwife to the Ninja President’s hits from the Gafa Life Kickstape.

Much like Layan, who is Winky D’s brother, at the dawn of the Ninja statesman’s success, Oskid has been receiving customary shout outs at the beginning of songs.

Oskid’s production fits hand in glove with Winky D’s lyrical assaults and catchy choruses, and it thus remains to be seen what effect their latest spate will have on their relationship even after the release of his new album.

Despite his misgivings, Oskid also appeared to give the album his endorsement in a post a day before Winky’s announcement.

“Winky D album produced by Oskid is dropping on October 6, 2016. The album also features one of Winky’s most requested songs 25 which he has been sampling during his live shows . . . Another Oskid Production.