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Alexio in US for collaborations

By Naledi Sande

Contemporary Afro-fusion musician and lead member of the band Shades of Black, Alexio Kawara is in California currently working on some collaborations including a song with American singer Wil Seabrook.

Alexio Kawara
Alexio Kawara

Although his main reason for travelling to the US was for “Rock For Human Rights” concert where he performed alongside Rizza Islam, Fred Shaw and Ventage, Kawara also found the opportunity to work with Seabrook for a duet and is considering other collaborations.

“The song is called “Candle” and it is an alternative rock sound,” said Kawara.

“The song is being produced and engineered by Cassidy Turbin, a Grammy award-winning engineer from Los Angeles and we are also working on a video for it at the same time. It is about being there for each other to put it generally.”

During his stay in Hollywood, Kawara had a number of concerts playing alongside Seabrook and Ventage.

“All my concerts had free entry and the first one was at Inglewood Community Centre. Basically it was about getting people from all walks of life to appreciate them, to create a better living environment for everyone.” said Kawara.

Being his second visit to the States, Kawara showed great gratitude to such programmes as they improve his music careery.

Kawara said, “It has given me an opportunity to work with a Grammy award-winning engineer and producer for starters.

“The whole experience is eye opening as I get to learn how music business is run professionally. I mean the US has the biggest music industry in the world,” he added.

Back home, Kawara has been working on his video album, and has released a number of videos.

“I am releasing a single in October called “Hatidzoreke” but the date is yet to be announced.

“Kawara said the music he is working on now is aimed at making it into the international circle.

“All of my next songs are aimed at breaking into the continental and international market so people should expect a different sound this time around. But I still am concentrating on music that brings about change in people’s minds”, said Kawara. The Herald