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Mugabe UN Speech: Ncube MDC slams “hypocrisy and arrogance”

Professor Welshman Ncube’s MDC has slammed President Robert Mugabe for alleged hypocrisy after the Zimbabwean leader this week railed against powerful countries for allegedly fuelling the current refugee crisis.

File picture of President Robert Mugabe addressing the United Nations
File picture of President Robert Mugabe addressing the United Nations

Addressing a United Nations Refugee Summit in New York this week, President Mugabe accused “a powerful few” for excessive use of military force in attempts to deal with armed conflict in various countries throughout the world.

Mugabe also took a swipe at the concerned UN member states for failure to exercise peaceful means of resolving conflict in their respective territories.

He said this as the world is battling to stem the tide of a massive migration crisis by citizens fleeing conflict torn countries such as Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine and some in Africa for safer destinations mostly in Europe.

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But his remarks were dismissed by political opponents back home who felt they “smack of a leader totally removed from reality on the ground in his own country”.

“This is the same Mugabe who has caused the migration into other countries of millions of Zimbabweans through bad politics that has plunged the country into an economic crisis,” MDC spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said in a statement Thursday.

“Millions of Zimbabweans are living like slaves in other countries and are too scared to return home to face an uncertain future under the Zanu PF regime.

“Just recently three Zimbabweans died in a disused mine while hundreds more were trapped in South Africa while desperately trying to eke a living. This is glaring testimony to the fact President Mugabe have completely failed the people.”

Chihwayi said Mugabe’s remarks about the need for peaceful conflict resolution to avert anarchy were “laughable as they fly in the face of his government’s state sponsored violence perpetrated upon peaceful protesters against his misrule”.

Said the MDC spokesperson, “To date police brutality unleashed by his government has seen thousands of citizens being either brutalised, harassed or arrested for exercising their constitutional right to protest.

“He therefore does not have the moral authority to lecture anybody on conflict resolution or anything for that matter. It is astounding that despite the chaos in the country he has the audacity to stand on an international platform and accuse others of fuelling the refugee crisis.”

Chihwayi said the Zimbabweans leader has perfected the art of hypocrisy and arrogance further urging the international community not to take him seriously. Radio VOP