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Prophet beds congregant’s wife

By Fungai Jachi

A HARARE prophet with the Johanne Masowe eChishanu church has allegedly threatened to kill a fellow congregant after his adulterous affair with the man’s wife came to light.

Benjamin Stailodge Mashange, Febbie Muromba and Lewis Tsvere
Benjamin Stailodge Mashange, Febbie Muromba and Lewis Tsvere

Benjamin “Stailodge” Mashange whose current location is unknown since he was evacuated from his previous residence at number 11 Parklane Court in the city is said to have had an affair with a married woman, Febbie Muromba, 27.

Febbie’s husband Lewis Tsvere, 38,said Benjamin admitted the affair and signed an agreement in which he promised to pay back the lobola Lewis paid for his wife of 11 years.

However, Lewis highlighted that he is scared for his life as Benjamin has threatened him with death if he continues to ask for his money.

“This man is a well respected prophet in our church but he lured my wife into bed a number of times since 2014 until I caught them this year.

“He even slept with my wife in my matrimonial bed. When I discovered the affair, my wife confessed that she had been sleeping with Benjamin.

“Benjamin also admitted that he was sleeping with my wife. As a result he promised he would pay back my money I paid as lobola. He said he was going to pay me US$3 000 in installments starting March of this year but up to date he has only paid US$200.

“When I asked him why he was not paying the money like he promised he threatened to kill me or to make me poor. Akati ane simba rekundinamatira kuti ndife kana kuti ndiite murombo. Anototyisa nekuti muporofita.

“I was really disappointed because this man used to pray for us as a family. I did not know that he was eyeing my wife all along. He was our family prophet. I did not realise that relying on him for our spiritual lives was a gate pass for him to have sex with my wife.

“He is a menace to the church and to the society as a whole. My wife told me that when she first slept with Benjamin it was at his house where he had called her for prayers. She said she eventually got used to sleeping with him.

“Ndohunhu hwake he does that to women who have rich husbands. He asked my wife to sell one of our houses and runaway with him. He is a greedy person he loves money too much. Both Benjamin and Febbie confessed their affair before other congregants.

“Right now Benjamin is saying hapana zvatomuita and he is not going to stop prophesying and anyone who writes the story will die.

Lewis said Benjamin has to pay back the lobola he paid like he promised.

He also said he was hurt because Benjamin whom he believed to be a true prophet proved that he was a fake prophet who was only after money.

The cheated man said his family has been destroyed by a person who claims to be a true prophet of God.

Efforts to reach Benjamin and Febbie were fruitless as their mobile phones went unanswered by the time of going to print. H Metro