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Lynda Tsungie Masarira: One month behind bars #FreeLindaNOW

By Maureen Kademaunga

I went to visit Linda Tsungie Masarira at Chikurubi Maximum Prison. She has been behind bars for exactly a month today (Saturday) for a crime she did not commit.

Lynda Masarira
Lynda Masarira

She said to me that she wants to go home to her children and that she especially misses the youngest of them who is only two years old.

She smiled and chatted away happily despite it all. But still I was so heartbroken. I left Chikurubi more determined than ever….we must escalate the protests and we must continue to increase the political cost on the regime until it crumbles.

We want our country back and get it back we shall. The ZANU PF regime must know that if it continues to do to us what the Smith regime did to us, then we shall do to ZANU P.F what we did to the Smith regime.

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