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‘Kasukuwere promises lies’

By Kudzai Chipamuriwo

The MDC led by Welshman Ncube has described as ridiculous Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere pledge to dish out 20 000 stands to youths in Bulawayo saying this is yet another political gimmick by the governing party to dupe youths ahead of the crunch 2018 elections.

Saviour Kasukuwere
Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere

Recently, Kasukuwere announced that his ministry will soon roll out 900 hectares of land for the construction of 20 000 housing units for youths in Bulawayo but the opposition party says such a move fails to consider those who have been patiently waiting to have a piece of land to build their own houses.

In a statement, MDC deputy spokesperson Mbuso Siso said it is ironic that a government that is failing to create the 2 million jobs it promised in 2013 now wants to roll out residential stands to youths.

“It is clear that these stands will not be allocated to Bulawayo youths but Zanu PF youths only, as has been the party’s tradition of ‘Stands for pals’,” said Siso.

With elections less than two years ago and the economy in intensive care — opposition parties are of the view that Zanu PF is keen on hoodwinking youths again and win elections.

“It is unfortunate that once again youths are being hoodwinked by Zanu PF through promises of stands whose chances of being developed and maintained are unlikely…The mere fact that the majority of youths are unemployed college graduates that itself is ample proof that Kasukuwere is lying through his teeth…

“If Kasukuwere was genuine about the welfare of the youths… he would address the housing backlog and corruption at the BCC (Bulawayo City Council) first before pledging stands.

“…We advise the minister to stop deceiving the youths and push for government to address their real problem which is unemployment. After government creates employment it can then start negotiating with council to allocate stands to the youths…”, he said. Daily News