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Jealous hubby burns self while torching rival’s car

A Harare man suffered serious burns while torching a vehicle belonging to another man he suspected of having an adulterous relationship with his wife.

File picture of a burning car
File picture of a burning car

Businessman Munyaradzi Nyandoro was allegedly involved in a dramatic high-speed chase with Tendai Mujakachi who suddenly stopped and escaped from his vehicle.

Nyandoro then looked for petrol and sprinkled it on the vehicle, a Mercedes Benz, but some of the liquid splashed on his clothes.

When he set the car ablaze he also caught fire because of the petrol on him. Nyandoro sustained burns on his face, chest and hands and is admitted at Parirenyatwa Hospital. He was last week remanded to December on his hospital bed by magistrate Mr Vakayi Chikwekwe facing charges of malicious damage to property.

The prosecutor Mr Sebastian Mutizirwa alleged that Nyandoro, who had long been suspecting his wife Stella of cheating, locked her in a toilet before grabbing her cellphone which he used to lure Mujakachi to his house.

Initially, Nyandoro had told Stella that he was travelling to South Africa and she communicated with Mujakachi advising him that he could visit her house.

Nyandoro returned in the evening and Stella is said to have texted Mujakachi telling him not to come.

According to the State, Stella’s sister visited them and by the time Stella escorted her to the visitor’s bedroom, Nyandoro took her cellphone and went through the messages.

He then started communicating with Mujakachi inviting him to the house pretending to be Stella. It is alleged that in the text messages Nyandoro told Mujakachi that “her husband” had now gone to South Africa.

When Stella returned to their bedroom, Nyandoro allegedly lured her to the toilet and locked her inside before continuing to lure Mujakachi using her phone.

Mujakachi texted on Stella’s phone notifying her that he was outside the house and Nyandoro, who was already outside started his vehicle and drove towards Mujakachi.

Mujakachi jumped into his vehicle and sped off, resulting in a high-speed chase. It is further alleged that Mujakachi later dumped his vehicle after it had hit a pot hole and took to his heels.

Nyandoro got to the vehicle, removed the keys from the ignition and locked the doors and went to buy petrol. He sprinkled the petrol on the vehicle and set it ablaze, but he also caught fire because of the fuel that sprinkled on his clothes. The Herald