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Why Republicans must win 2016 presidential election!

By Professor Ken Mufuka, Letter from Georgia, USA

When Barak Obama was celebrating his victory in 2008, he told his supporters that: “We are only five days from transforming America.” Despite his loss of a Congressional majority in 2010, he has outwitted Republicans at every game.

Professor Ken Mufuka
Professor Ken Mufuka

And this is despite the fact that on the day of his inauguration, Republicans called in their greatest witch-doctor, former Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia, to devise a failsafe plan to thwart every move Obama made.

It is their skeletons that are littered at every corner in the brutal fight that has taken place during the last seven years.

For Republicans, the world is going to the dogs even as we speak. The fact that Obama has another 15 months in office is becoming more intolerable by the day.

During the Pope’s visit, all the heavy weight champions in the United Nations came to New York to give their side of the story.

The Pope gave the most stirring address ever, placing emphasis on Christian fundamentals, love your neighbor, the family is the foundation of society and the earth is ours only as a trust. Even the worst sinners were forced to shut up and wait to fight another day.

Obama, according to the Republicans, was conciliatory and submissive, failing to project the gung-ho attitude of George W. Bush before him. Because Obama does not have the imperial tradition behind him, when he tries to cut a gung-ho attitude with Middle east opponents, it falls flat.

He instructed Russia that interference in the Ukraine cannot be tolerated. Just to add salt this posture, he scolded Russia for propping up Haffez Assad of Syria. He told Assad that he must leave power. If Assad used chemical weapons, the US would intervene.

Conscious of Bush interference in Iraq, these prohibitions were not followed through. Obama has explained it this way. Republicans forget that it was their interference in Iraq, 5,000 miles away that had exposed the Achilles heel, the US imperial policy.

Obama, unlike his predecessors, follows the imperial policy half-heartedly. Interference in Libya resulted in US ambassador Stevens and four Central Intelligence Officers getting killed. They were on a secret mission, under an assumption that they were bringing liberty to the Free Libyan people. The US spent over $600 million to train 1,500 Free Syria Liberationists. All of them jumped over to Isis, and only three remain.

Robert Gates

Obama hired a Republican, Robert Gates, as Defense Secretary in the hope of assuaging Republican jingoists. He was naïve. Gates has written a book in which he has little good to say. One of his criticisms is the constant political undermining of military officers by White House staff.

These political wizards, usually very young men in their thirties, who live off their lap-tops, call a four star general in Afghanistan over some detail which his computer has told him does not “gel.” Gates said that if he, Defense Secretary, had done that in the Bush’s administration, “he, Gates, would have been asked to hand over his own head on a platter, to the President.”

I will address this issue, under the title of pin-pricks below. But suffice it to say, the true import of these complaints is that the barbarians have taken over who are oblivious of protocol. A softer word would have been, outsiders have taken over who have no appreciation of traditions, nor are they sympathetic to these traditions because they were designed to keep them out of the playing field.

Republicans say that that is a misreading of history. An imperial power does not have to use its military often, but its threats of military force must be credible, and when used, must be devastating.

The US had overthrown the Libyan government and was in the process of doing the same in Syria without authorization from the United Nations. US interference in Iraq destabilized that region, and interference in Libya and Syria has brought about a flood of 3 million refugees to the door of Europe.

Republicans see the world differently. The new co-operation between Russia, Syria, Iran and Iraq, if it succeeds, will dominate the world economy through its oil output. As we speak, China has sent a frigate to help Assad.

Meanwhile, the US continues to act like a bandit. Its drones killed a wedding party in Yemen, assuming them to be rebels. The US is defending a corrupt Afghan government from being thrown out by its people in Kondo province.

Yesterday, a Congressional Committee heard of a marine soldier court martialed for beating up a corrupt Afghan official who had tied a boy to a rope as a sex slave for 12 days. The Taliban (meaning righteous ones) do not tolerate any form of corruption.

The issue is oil, stupid. Where there are oil and gas resources, the US makes up claims to interfere. Obama, by sleeping on the job, has allowed US influence to slip away.

This interference abroad is the basis of US overload in its borrowing portfolio. We were taught at school that a country which exceeds the 35 percent Gross National Product in its loan portfolio is looking for trouble. The US, with $3 trillion dollars debt overhang, has long exceeded that mark.


A pin-prick by itself is insignificant, but a serious annoyance, reminding victims of their degraded status. In colonial Zimbabwe, an older man would refer to an eleven year old white girl as Missus, while she in turn called him by his first name, John, or simply boy.

In the Obama White House, it began with small matters. Grandmother Mrs. Robinson moved in in order to take care of the two girls, Sasha and Malia. Conservatives noted bitterly that Mrs. Robinson did not pay rent and that there was no constitutional arrangement for her to live there.

Apparently, a complaint was lodged about Sister Michelle’s sleeveless dresses, which were seen as inappropriate for her lofty position. Obama defended her right “to bare arms.”

The London trip to Buckingham Palace is probably the straw that broke the camel’s back. Against all advice and protocol, the Sister hugged the Queen.

Tabloids buzzed and hummed. It is said that, the Queen also noticed that “the lady had perhaps misplaced her handbag.” The butler replied: “No ma’am, the lady did not have a handbag” to which the Queen remarked “Oh.”

It is what the Queen did not say about a lady and her handbag that is completely intriguing. It is further alleged that, Ms. Obama did return for a second visit. The butler had the painful duty to announce to the Queen that “that lady is back!” to which the Queen replied, “Oh!”

Our readers are acquainted with English humor, which is found in its omissions’ rather than in its commissions.

The Pope’s visit was by all means an excellent show piece of American warm-heartedness and majesty. Obama and his family met the Pope, and that includes the extended family. Was a state occasion therefore transformed into a family affair?

The Afro- Abyssinian Catholic Choir sang for the Pope, the song by Brother Richard Smallwood entitled “Total Praise.” Smallwood was inspired by the Holy Spirit in 1996. The song emphasizes the total dependence of black life on God for sustenance.

Lord, I will lift mine yes to the hills

The saints repeat the refrain four times until their voices reach heaven.

Amen (low C) Amen (higher) Amen (above the fifth bar) and A-M-EN (hold until heaven answers)

The fact that a gay Episcopalian, Bishop Gene Robinson, was given a place of honor in line to greet the Pope was regarded by conservatives as provocative and unnecessary. But, since Obama has recruited 1,500 education officers in the State Department to spread the gay gospel, he has already explained that in his opinion, gay civil rights is the last frontier of the 21st century. During the same week, he appointed a gay Secretary of the Army.

The last straw

An immigration reform act passed the Senate but was rejected without debate in the Lower House. Without Congressional approval, Obama initiated by a presidential directive, the legitimization of five million dream kids (illegal aliens between ages five and 18). His next initiative, to apply a similar presidential directive to ten million adult aliens, was stopped by a federal court.

The effect of these initiatives is earth shaking. It means that 40 million Hispanics now constitute the largest minority, followed by 35 million African Americans. Where immigration is pre-determined by a welfare matrix, such a scenario makes the future of the US as a white dominant power untenable.

Put simply, if a Mexican jumped the border for unemployment reasons and was immediately provided with a welfare provision in the US, he is better off in the US than in Mexico, even if he had employment there.

A family of four (two kids) receives a welfare package of $32,000 per year federal and state subsidies, $8,000 of it in tax enhancement, even if the family did not pay taxes.

Naturally, these new immigrants are pro-Democratic party voters. The Democratic Party hardly spends any campaign time in African and Hispanic areas.

All it has to say is that “if you don’t vote, stuff will happen to you.” In the re-election campaign, Vice President Joe Biden told the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples that the Republicans want to “bring back chains.”

Such a scenario, if it were engrained in the society, national elections would no longer be competitive. It is about the numbers, stupid! Since minorities turned out for Obama with a 90 percent margin, an Obama successor would start with five uncontested states that have registered near 35 percent minority populations. The electoral votes are California (55) Florida (29) New York (29) and Texas (38). Total is 151 out of a score of 278 for total victory.

Republicans are in a state of panic. It is for them as if the water has passed under the bridge. They are still uncomfortable with gay couples, thus losing a powerful and energetic political tool. Of Obama’s door to door campaigners, one out of six was gay.

When Obama announced his millennium gay initiative the capital city of South Carolina had to be closed to traffic, with throngs of gays engaged in gay fellowship. The same happened in New York City. Brother Charles Blow of the Washington Post, who himself had lived under cover, has revealed that when one gives a public party among college millennials, perhaps 46 percent of those in attendance have bi-sexual experiences.

Attempts by Republicans to turn back the clock fall on deaf ears. Any college girl kid will tell you about abortion to shut up. “You have no uterus, you have no right to tell me what to do with what is mine.”

It was this group of millennial white kids which voted overwhelmingly for Obama, against the wishes of their parents.

Donald Trump

Billionaire Republican Donald Trump may be the party’s savior, but it is a long shot. He has addressed all the issues mentioned above, but the question is the same as that Dr. Faust faced. Dr. Faust had negotiated with the Devil for the elixir of youth.

The Devil would come, on an appointed day, at mid-night, to get his payment, which was Faust’s heart. So, as the clock ticked on, and there was only ten minutes before mid-night, Faust was agitated. Could he, just once, stop the clock from ticking?

Billionaire Carl Icahn has proposed a political action committee with $100 million dollars of his own money to be used to beat down Democrats. Similarly, the billionaire Koch brothers spent $200 million in 2012 in order to beat Obama. Obama jokes that “if they had given Michelle the money, she would have taken it.” Jebb Bush has a slush fund of $113 million, to beat an Obama acolyte, Ms. Hillary Clinton.

Then there is the brother, Dr. Ben Carson, whom the Republicans say is a real black, as compared to a phony black, Obama.

The 2016 US general election will either confirm the continuing changes that are taking place in the world, or will signal an attempt by conservatives to close the door, after the horse has bolted. If they lose, the world dominance which has taken them 300 years to put together will begin to unravel. We are witnesses to these historic changes.