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Men under siege …. As hookers ‘extort ‘ clients

Sex workers plying their trade in the Avenues area are reportedly confiscating valuables from their ‘clients’ in a bid to raise school fees for their children.

Prostitutes seek heavenly intervention
File picture of a Zimbabwean sex worker at a brothel in Hillbrow, South Africa

One of the self-confessed hookers – only identified as Sharon – told H-Metro that she extorts clients once they enter her apartment.

In the event she finds them without extra money, she locks the door and teams up with fellow ‘thigh’ vendors, and gives them a thrashing for ‘wasting her time ‘.

As we speak, I am still to pay my rental since I have to start by raising money to go and pick up my children from the village,” boasted Sharon while swaying her hips.

She says she uses her hips as fishing rods to ‘catch’ her prey ‘ in the form of male clients.

“Wanonoka kuuya ungadai wawana murume mukuru achimhanya sekunonzi arumwa nemago achitiza, ndamuwana asina Mari.

“I agree to be paid US$10 for a quickie but after I led him into my room, I offered him o…l sex before getting into the normal session and I demanded US$200 after the act since I had given him favours he does not get from his wife. ”

“Instead of him paying US$10, I searched all his pockets and found out that he had no extra money. I then locked the door from outside and returned with a whip and disciplined him, abuda achimhanya asina bhutsu, ndoitawo sei hakuna mari yacho.”

“He knelt down begging for mercy but I strongly reminded him that he was not in a church service but a brothel where he gets sermons that need money. He looked at me and admired my curves only to pay US$10. To be honest, there is nothing like that and we will continue extorting money from them since they will NEVER take it to the police.

“Ndamugadzirira size inokwana, after all he will never report it even to his wife. Competition is now high in Avenues following the withdrawal of police patrols and I think it is better for them to return so as to scare married women among us.

“Whoever agrees to get into our rooms will leave without any cash on him or risk going naked after we take all his valuables including shoes,” said Sharon.

Another hooker, who only identified herself as Rudo, said having time to engage in sex with a client who enters her room is now a thing of the past.

She revealed that whoever enters her room is a ‘thief’ and she shouts for ‘help’ from colleagues and they pounce on him and take every dollar from his pockets.”

“I only have sex with my boyfriend not anyone who visits my room to have a quickie,” said Rudo. “In fact , I only shout for help after he undresses and my friends join me in searching chese chinonzi mari in his pocket.

“We share the spoils after the game,” said Rudo.

A number of ‘thigh’ vendors loitering for purposes of prostitution have been spotted during the day along Josiah Chinamano Avenue, Prince Edward Road, Eighth Street and Samora Machel Avenue. H Metro