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Mass Disaster of EU foreign policy on Africa

By Chris Veremu

The mess that is EU foreign policy continues to make headlines across the globe. This especially as far as the issue of illegal immigrants are concerned. Where is the shame? EU bankers and realtors should not be allowed to escape the blame for the ‘mass murder’ of these innocents.

Refugees crossing the Mediterranean in search of a new life in Europe
Refugees crossing the Mediterranean in search of a new life in Europe

It must be clear as night follows day that the reason why thousands of immigrants are perishing in the Mediterranean is because of a racist and idiotic foreign policy that does not consider non Europeans as people.

One hopes the bankers and realtors of Europe are really rubbing their hands in glee as they down their cocktails whose main ingredient is the innocent blood of these desperate African immigrants. They do this shamelessly as they roar for more in EU capitals and banks.

True we have some international civic organizations trying to fight the scourge of corruption on the continent and worldwide like Transparency International and Global Witness. But what can they do if the governments of Europe and elsewhere in the developed world are willing to fold their hands while African politicians rape their countries in front of their eyes by banking ill- gotten gains in their banks and real estate?

EU governments cannot pretend not know about this, they collect taxes and other benefits accruing from these vampire outfits. These dirty offices must raise enough stink to offend God’s high table. Now if the EU are content to wine and dine with this vermin what does that make them in the face of the current immigration tragedy?

We are informed that close on 10 000 people have perished in one year on the perilous journey to Europe. Now the EU is failing to wash its hands clean of this sick tragedy authored in Brussels. And with good reason too. Is it not about time they filled the vacancy in their Foreign office?

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Elsewhere on the continent in South Africa, thousands have been displaced and murdered in so-called xenophobic attacks. These innocent folk like their dead Mediterranean counterparts would be really happy at home but where is home when their presidents stole every home from them to bank same in Europe?

Finding themselves the worse for wear and dying every waking day? They ask: ‘Kusiri kufa ndekupi?’ Who will save the common African man? Is this not supposed to be a collective international responsibility? Should rogue racism be allowed to continue in this ugly fashion?

Most African presidents are thieves, this has been common knowledge since the hills had wheels. What is baffling is why is the EU looking the other way while the continent’s resources are being invested in their ‘squeaky clean’ banks and real estate by these reverse Robin Hoods from Africa?

Why do they now pretend to shed crocodile tears over the mass murder of the immigrants in the Mediterranean when it is their people who are dipping brand new knives into the heart of the continent’s children?

It is well and good to describe the continent as ‘ugly dark’ and run by savages but what does this make those who cash in on this and watch gleefully while the continent’s children are being murdered by their EU bankers and realtors?

Why are we not seeing the same energy used to fight terrorism worldwide being employed to trace, expose and cease all the proceeds from corruption in banks and realtors domiciled in the EU? Is this not rogue racism gone bonkers?

I believe the EU has fined banks in the past for tax evasion and other malpractices. I suppose banking funds stolen from poor Africans small potatoes compared to tax evasion?

More of our people will continue dying in the Mediterranean as long as the EU banks and realtors remain part of the equation. Arrest the rot in these institutions and Africa will embrace good governance. Simple.

There would be no incentive for the presidents to steal as they will have nowhere to spend their ill-gotten loot. If the EU were really serious it could get the UN to follow them as this and NOTHING else is the cause of this mass migration.

This has gone on long enough, let us see the international media use the same energy it uses in exposing terrorism do the same on these EU houses of ill repute. One would think a modicum of shame would visit those EU folk who are benefitting from this raw rogue ugliness. Please stop this killing for greed.