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I am not cursed: Clive Chigubu

Comedian Clive Chigubu had a spine- related illness and almost died in a car accident in December. This is not a laughing matter, but he vowed to continue cracking people’s ribs.

Clive Chigubu
Clive Chigubu

The comedian, known for his humorous take on township life mixed with funny accounts of his own personal challenges, was last month involved in an accident with fellow comedian, Babongile Sikhonjwa, an accident that left the later hospitalised for over two weeks.

Chigubhu, said that he did not believe that the accident was part of a pattern of bad luck that was threatening to put a halt on his career.

Before the accident on 21 January, Chigubu had been hospitalised with a spinal related illness that had seen him miss some gigs including the re-launch of the city’s premier stand-up comedy show, Umahlekisa Club.

In an interview, Chigubu said he believed the run of misfortune affecting him was a mere coincidence.

“I don’t believe I am cursed. I am not a superstitious person so I won’t be consulting the elders or anything like that and I won’t be holding a cleansing ceremony,” he said.

Chigubhu said although his recent health woes had put the brakes on his career, he believed that his unfortunate circumstances were not unique to him. The ever jovial comedian added that he believed that the recent incidents were all part of a plan a higher power had for him.

“I think this is all part of God’s plan and it could have happened to anyone. These things have to happen to someone and unfortunately this time it was me. If they don’t happen to you whose child do you want them to happen to?” the comedian said breaking into laughter. B Metro