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Goblins order men to surrender wives

BULAWAYO – Imagine having a blissful moment with your wife and out of the blue, a creature appears and orders you to jump off the bed and sleep on the floor.

Goblins order men to surrender wives
Goblins order men to surrender wives

Such is the tricky situation that residents of Mabutweni in Bulawayo have found themselves in, amid reports that suspected sex crazy goblins are on the prowl, violating women and attacking men and women who offer resistance.

In addition, residents claim two goblin victims died recently after the attacks and the shocked community has agreed to seek the services of witch doctors, popularly known as tsikamutandas to arrest the situation.

The councillor of the area, Lot Siziba, confirmed the incidents.

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“We are shocked by what is happening and two women who had been attacked by the goblins have passed away. I once called a meeting and announced to residents that the owner of the goblins should keep them at his or her home instead of letting them trouble other people. There was no change after the meeting and we have therefore decided to call tsikamutandas. On Saturday, there will be a cleansing ceremony,” said Siziba.

Reports are that the goblins demand sex from women and when turned down, they turn violent. Residents also claimed the invincible creatures attacked men who refused to take orders to create space on the bed.

“It was during the night when I was sleeping with my wife and this short creature like a man appeared and ordered me to sleep on the floor. As we were still arguing, it beat me up and I do not know what happened thereafter. I woke up when I was admitted at hospital,” said one victim, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Another victim Lucy Ngwenya, said the goblin attacked her after she turned down its sexual advances.

“It was at night when a short bearded creature approached me and asked for sex. When I refused, it slapped me. I felt dizzy and I was rushed to hospital after the attack and I have ten stitches on my arm because of the attack,” said Ngwenya.

Another victim, who is now deceased, Edna Dlodlo (62), a vendor was reportedly attacked by the goblins at around 8 am when she was preparing to go to her vending stall.

One of her daughters revealed that the woman was attacked when she was from the bathroom heading towards the house. After the attack, the woman became paralysed and could not walk or talk.

“If you come to this area after 8pm, you are likely not to meet anyone on the streets because the goblins have declared that darkness is their time to use the streets.

“All residents were attacked at night or early morning and they claim that the goblins asked them what they were doing in the streets and whether they did not know that it was their time,” said Siziba. B Metro