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Beauty queen beaten up after lover walks in on naked couple

By Clement Mukwasi

A VICTORIA Falls man got the shock of his life recently when his wife’s boyfriend strolled into their bedroom at their in-law’s home while they were naked in bed.

File picture of cheating couple
File picture of cheating couple

Calvin Murapata, 22, of Chinotimba Township, was briefly detained at Victoria Falls Police Station after he flew off the handle and destroyed clothes belonging to his customary wife, Nomagugu Ncube, 21, a model who won the Miss Matabeleland North pageant in 2012.

His woes mounted when he returned from the police station to find Munyaradzi Nananga, his wife’s boyfriend, with his wife in the bedroom, playing with the couple’s seven-month-old son.

The incident occurred on Wednesday at around 6PM.

Sources close to the family told The Chronicle that Murapata and Ncube were relaxing in a spare bedroom at Ncube’s parents’ house when Nananga sauntered in.

“They were naked as it was hot in Victoria Falls. Suddenly, another man, Munyaradzi Nananga appeared at the door of the bedroom and when he saw the naked husband, he bolted out of the house,” said a source.

“Calvin exploded and slapped his wife several times. She fled from the house and went to a police base to make a domestic violence report. A raging Calvin vented his anger on her clothes and shoes, which he cut into pieces.”

Murapata said he is customarily married to Ncube.

He said when she was about to give birth, she was sent to her family according to their culture.

Murapata said he occasionally visited his wife at his in-laws’.

“We were relaxed and I was naked when I heard a knock and a man putting on a hat came in and suddenly went out of the bedroom. I asked my wife who it was and she said that it was the maid!

“I got angry and cut her clothes and shoes which I had bought for her and then we fought. She bolted out and went to the police station,” he said.

The couple and Nananga were later taken to the police station for counselling.

Ncube and the boyfriend were released first and went home.

When he was released, Murapata said, he decided to pass by his in-laws’ house to leave his wife’s phone. He said his blood boiled when he found Nananga in the bedroom holding his son as if he was mocking Ncube.

“I got angry again and broke one window and went into the garden and uprooted all their vegetables. I was angrier with my mother-in-law than my wife. How could she allow such an abomination to happen in her house well knowing that I’m the legitimate son-in-law?” he fumed.

Ncube confirmed the incident and said that she had decided to move on despite the fact that the baby was still very young. She said Murapata was not supporting the baby.

“Yes, it happened. The father to my child had come but he’s no longer my husband because he cares more about his car than our child. I moved on to Munyaradzi,” she said.

She could not explain why Murapata was naked in the bedroom if she indeed, had moved on.

Ncube has opened a docket for assault and malicious damage property, which she valued at $992. Nananga could not be reached for comment. The Chronicle