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Under fire Chihuri receives female support at Zanu (PF) Congress

By Edgar Gweshe

Despite having come under fire for his alleged allegiance to Vice President, Joice Mujuru, police Commissioner General, Augustine Chihuri seems to have gotten a face saver from scores of Zanu (PF) women who have showed their solidarity with him at the party’s sixth national people’s congress.

Police chief Augustine Chihuri and wife Isabel
Police chief Augustine Chihuri and wife Isabel

Women under the banner of the Zanu (PF) affiliated Kuyedza Women’s Club, led by Chihuri’s wife. Isabel have installed portraits of the police chef and his wife together with that of President Robert Mugabe.

Kuyedza Women’s Cub is part of the exhibitors at the Zanu (PF) Congress. Interviewed women said the installation of Chihuri’s portrait was meant to show their solidarity and gratitude to the Commissioner General of police and his wife for their support of Zanu (PF) programmes meant to empower women.

The women said Chihuri’s stance on women empowerment deserved special recognition.

They said platforms like the ongoing Congress provided an ideal opportunity to show their recognition and appreciation of the work being done by the Chihuri family in aiding Zanu (PF’s) empowerment programmes.

“As Kuyedza, we feel indebted to the Chihuri family for their efforts in empowering women and that is why we have put up this portrait so that party members present here get to know that the Chihuri family is doing splendid work,” said a female exhibitor who identified herself as Merit Hungwe.

Chihuri has reportedly fallen out of favour with President Robert Mugabe amid claims that he belongs to the Mujuru faction that has been blamed for seeking to oust Mugabe from office.

Reports are that Mugabe has already told Chihuri that he is not satisfied with his leadership at the police force and sources say he (Chihuri) is likely to leave office in January next year.

Another interviewee at the Kuyedza Women’s Club exhibition stand said that the presence of Chihuri’s portrait at the place had nothing to do with factional politics.

“Comrade Chihuri has provided so much support to us and for us, the issue of factional politics is something else. If there are any political fights going on, it’s not like we are trying to take sides but we are simply saying he (Chihuri) has done so much for us and we need to thank him for that,” said the interviewee who would not disclose her identity. The Zimbabwean