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Eric Bloch laid to rest

CELEBRATED economic commentator and former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) adviser Dr Eric Bloch was laid to rest Wednesday morning at the Jewish Cemetery in Bulawayo.

Eric Bloch laid to rest
Eric Bloch laid to rest

Hundreds of people attended the burial of Dr Bloch.

Dr Bloch was buried next to his late wife Baileh Thelma Bloch who passed away in 2011.

Among the mourners were former RBZ Governor Dr Gideon Gono, former senator David Coltart, Bulawayo Mayor Martin Moyo, economist John Robertson and Dr Simba Makoni.

Dr Bloch was encased in a simple kosher casket.

Jewish tradition teaches that the deceased should be buried in a simple casket. It should be completely biodegradable. A kosher casket is made entirely of wood – with no nails whatsoever. Embalming is also not permitted (unless required by law). The reason for this is so that the process of decomposition can take place in a natural fashion.

There was no body viewing because open caskets are not permitted at Jewish funerals.

Dr Bloch died aged 75 on Saturday night.

He is survived by three sons, Mark, 48, Raphi, 50, and Barry, 46, and a daughter, Ruth, 43, and 16 grandchildren who live in Israel, the United Kingdom and Australia.