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Jocelyn Chiwenga now a sorry sight

Jocelyn Mauchaza (Chiwenga) has had to swallow the bitter medicine she used to carelessly flush down the throats of all that stood in her way.

WALKING AWAY...Jocelyn Chiwenga vows to contest her eviction in the courts. (Pic by Daily News)
WALKING AWAY…Jocelyn Chiwenga vows to contest her eviction in the courts. (Pic by Daily News)

The wheel of fate turned full circle on her when she was recently ejected from a farm she used to co-own with her former husband, army commander Constantine Chiwenga,

High Court judge Andrew Mutema issued a writ of ejection two days after a divorce order was granted on September 8.

As soon as he obtained the ejection order, Chiwenga moved fast, deploying soldiers to bar Jocelyn from the Shamva farm as the messenger of court worked into the night removing her property.

The soldiers were in no compromising mood, telling her that they had been ordered to keep her from entering the farm. She had to walk away, albeit with feeble threats to approach the courts to reverse the ejection.

She claimed that the messenger of court threw out all her personal property including undergarments, artificial flowers, ironing boards, carpets, kitchenware and clothes.

As consolation, she will only receive her bathroom robes, the artificial flowers she kept there, some shares in industrial properties and residential stands in upmarket Harare.

The ejection presented a far cry from the boisterous, often violent Jocelyn who Chiwenga claimed, in 2012 divorce case papers, terrorised him and broke furniture at his office. He also said his former wife assaulted him on his bed in the presence of Paul Chimedza, a medical doctor who is now the deputy minister of Health.

While Chiwenga was a strongman in the eyes of the public, his divorce papers revealed that he was at the mercy of the fiery Jocelyn. But her life took a sharp turn when, after a reportedly lengthy period of matrimonial discord, he walked out of their flashy Borrowdale home.

Even before the divorce order came through, Chiwenga married a former beauty queen and businesswoman, Mary Mubaiwa, to whom he gave a motorcade to accompany her wherever she went.

Married to one of Zimbabwe’s most powerful men, Jocelyn rode rough shod over numerous perceived enemies since 2000. In 2009 she caught international attention when she approached MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai at a shopping mall and threatened to castrate him.

She was riled by the fact that he was threatening to remove President Robert Mugabe and Zanu (PF) from power.

As Tsvangirai fled from the scene, Jocelyn, who was flanked by bodyguards, turned her ire on journalists who were covering the trips, slapping Tsvangirai Mukwazhi. Former Financial Gazette acting political editor, Kumbirai Mafunda, and a reporter with the Post, a Zambian publication, reportedly sustained minor injuries after being attacked by Jocelyn.

As if that was not enough, she announced a press conference at which she said would sue the MDC boss and media houses that had reported the incident—for a whopping $1 billion!

“You have started all over again, this war you are not gonna win it. If it was you what would you think? You wake up in the morning and everybody in the whole world is phoning you. How would you feel?” she said at the presser.

In 2002, she allegedly visited a farm outside Harare with armed bodyguards and ordered a commercial white farmer to leave or die. That was at the height of the violent farm evictions that forced out close to 5,000 commercial white farmers purportedly to make way for land-hungry blacks.

“I have not tasted white blood for 20 years,” she reportedly barked. The Zimbabwean