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Plaxedes Wenyika opens lingerie shop

By Brenda Phiri

Soulful musician Plaxedes Wenyika has ventured into business with the launch of her lingerie shop, “Munhanga” at Harare’s Eastgate Mall yesterday.

Plaxedes officially opening the new shop
Plaxedes officially opening the new shop

The upmarket shop that she described as a contemporary urban boutique is an all-ladies line that is meant to grow her brand.

“This has been my dream for the past two years and it was only this year that I started making consultations with professionals. It is my way of sharing my passion and creativity with other women who enjoy the finer things in life,” she said.

The shop specialises in sexy lingerie for small to plus-size women. It also contains a variety of jewellery, bath and body brands. Asked if her new venture was her gradual exit from the entertainment scene, she said she was simply following the footsteps of other international celebrities who were laying their hands on different business projects.

“I am not taking a break from music but simply complementing it.

“This is something I am doing in order to supplement my career. Things are hard and music is not paying that much. Just like the Beyonces of this world, I have decided to grow my brand and try business,” she said.

Plaxedes was optimistic about the success of her business saying she had done thorough research on how to establish and sustain it. She said more projects were in the pipeline but would be taking one step at a time.

“This is my baby and I have worked from scratch to make it what it is today.

“It is driven by passion and I want to cater for women who have arrived, those who know what they want and like taking care of themselves. Through the lavenders, baobab and massage oils, women can treat themselves with daily pampering routines,” she said

The songstress boasts of supplying top-of-the range brands as her stock is mainly from the United Kingdom, United States while her bath and body range products are mostly local brands.

While she sells her music in the shop, she ruled out making special performances for clients.

Fans, however, have a higher chance of interaction with her as she said she drops in on a daily basis. The Herald