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King Shaddy in refuses to perform

By Tawanda Marwizi

Dancehall musician Shadreck Kwarire aka King Shaddy refused to perform at Pick and Save in Mutare over the weekend demanding to be paid upfront. The “Machira Chete” song maker reportedly refused to take to the stage demanding payment from the promoter.

Dancehall musician Shadreck Kwarire aka King Shaddy
Dancehall musician Shadreck Kwarire aka King Shaddy

Show organiser Esau Mupfumi said the musician demanded payment before he went on stage yet the agreement was that the musician would collect gate takings. “When I talked to him about the show we agreed that he would collect gate takings but surprisingly he turned the tables on the day of the show saying he wanted to be paid before he performs,” said Mupfumi.

He said early in the day the musician called him saying he wanted money for fuel to the show and he gave him $100.

“I gave him the money and he came but upon arrival he decided to demand money from me contrary to what we had agreed,” he added.

Musician Leonard Zhakata performed at the event, filling in the gap.

A person who answered the musician”s phone said Shady was not available until Thursday.

“He will not be available until Thursday but call me later in the day I will try to get the information for you,” he said.

Recently the musician was involved in a payment wrangle with a Bindura based promoter Tanaka Muparutsa after he demanded money before performance.

Muparutsa said he had paid a deposit to the musician who then just decided not to turn up for the show. The Herald