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Macheso fan warned against threatening journalists

By Tendai Rupapa

Alick Macheso’s number one fan, Wanisai Mutandwa popularly known as Mahwindo, was last week on Friday warned by a Harare magistrate against breaking the law after she threatened a photo-journalist with unspecified action.

Alick Macheso on stage
Alick Macheso on stage

Mutandwa (38) had been brought before the courts on allegations of threatening Takawira Dapi aka Photovet after her pictures in which she was half naked were published in the Press.

She allegedly confronted Dapi during Macheso’s birthday celebrations at the Andy Miller Hall and told him that she wanted to ‘‘finish’’ him.

Mutandwa added that she was related to top Government officials hence she was untouchable.

Fearing for his life, Dapi made a police report and Mutandwa was brought before magistrate Ms Nomsa Sabarauta charged with uttering threats of violence.

However, Mutandwa pleaded for mercy from Dapi through a written apology which was produced in court.

Part of the apology read: “I wish to extend my apology for the embarrassment I caused to Mr Takawira Dapi in public on June 7.

“I reiterate that I will not repeat the same mistake.”

Dapi heard her plea and filed an affidavit withdrawing the matter.

The State, represented by Ms Shambadzeni Fungura, tendered the two signed affidavits to the court prompting Ms Sabarauta to withdraw the matter before plea with the consent of Dapi.

“Next time desist from breaking the law,” Ms Sabarauta warned her.

According to the State on June 7, Dapi went to the Andy Miller Hall for Macheso’s birthday celebrations.

As he was on stage taking photographs, Dapi was approached by Mutandwa at around 12 midnight and she questioned him as to why he had published her photographs in the Press.

She took him backstage where she then threatened to “deal” with him. Photovet reported the matter to police. The Herald