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Job Sikhala on Edmund Kudzayi

By Job Sikhala

You can fool yourself to work for and with ZANU PF hoping you are in a civilized company at your own humiliation. Like l always pointed out ZANU PF is an evil cult that swims in human blood and when it is not drinking the blood of its opponents, it sucks from its own. 

Former MP Job Sikhala
Former MP Job Sikhala

I happened to have met Edmund Kudzayi last year when he phoned me purporting to be a journalist from some British channel and wanted to interview me to get my views about the pending 31 July harmonized elections. He used a British white tone that all along I thought I was talking to some white journalist from Britain.

He pretended to me that he can not interview me during the day because he was afraid that the ZANU PF regime would pounce on him that he can only interview me at night at my house. Waiting to meet a British journalist at the midst of the night at my house, I saw a dark skinned fellow well dressed and in spectacles knocking at my gate.

With his borrowed accent he said ” I am Edmund, working for some British Television channel and it is my pleasure to meet you”. He brought with him some powerful lighting that made flood lights available at my house for the 2 hour interview he purported to have with me.

What I discovered along the interview was his commitment to ask questions which he wanted me to nail Morgan Tsvangirai. I noticed it and l carefully and intelligently avoided to give him what he wanted. When I later asked for his business card, when he was about to leave he said he had left them at the hotel he was staying.

We remained behind and laughed at him with my wife because we concluded that I made a blunder because we have allowed a CIO masquerading as a journalist in our house. More anxiety was raised after he asked to use the toilet more than five times and his inquisitive glare at everything in my house.

He even wanted to know the doors leading to our bedroom. I later met him at Star FM where we had a panel discussion over the use of violence as an instrument of political organization with Douglas Mwonzora and some female journalist from the Herald whom l can’t remember her name.

He was introduced as a political analyst. After the discussion he later apologized to me saying “ndaingovawo pa basa”. When I told him that he was supposed to tell me who exactly he was I could have trusted the genuity of his apology. He said we will have lunch together to explain to me what was really happening.

When we later had lunch at the Amanzi Restraunt he told me that he was Jonathan Moyo’s boy and he was thankful to the professor for rewarding him as he was now the Sunday Mail editor. He was saying mudhara Jonso haarasi vafana vake and gave an insight into who Amai Jukwa is.

The way he knew and the deeper knowledge about the operations of Amai Jukwa left me with no doubt that he was the Amai Jukwa. I then warned him that you might try to please ZANU PF but be careful. He said he was clever enough to handle it.

It pains when you hear that he is hunted down like a dangerous criminal with the masters he tried hard to please. Ndozvinoita ZANU PF izvozvo. Ask Jones Musara. They need you to sing their song loudest like what my tezvara Gabriel Chaibva does as kana vapedza newe vanokubudisira mweya wechidembo. Hard luck Edmund.