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We will have our own party name: Biti

MUTARE – Former MDC-T Secretary General Tendai Biti has taken a bold move and announced that his breakaway faction will soon announce their own party name, symbol and colours. 

Tendai Biti rally in Manicaland
Tendai Biti rally in Manicaland

In his first rally in Mutare, Biti addressed around 50 people and told them “this movement, the renewal movement, is in its formative stages. We are in that transition where we have to hold on to the name MDC for certain strategic reasons.”

“But let no one, let no man or woman doubt that we are going to have our own name, our own symbols, own colour. But we pledge to work with others. We pledge to work with other real democrats, churches, civil society and other political parties,” Biti is quoted saying.

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“You cannot do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Elections were rigged and it needs sharp brains to see how Zanu PF rigged elections.

“What we are doing is to create a new paradigm, we have to create a new vision. The time for personalised politics is over. The time for sloganeering your way to State House is over. The time for singing your way to State House is over. You have to create a new narrative. You have to create a new discourse, a new vision and new paradigm,” Biti added.

On Sunday Tsvangirai addressed a rally in Epworth where he described the rebels expelled from his party as “a bunch of disgruntled activists who stood for nothing but malice. It’s a coalition of people motivated by malice, jealousy and hatred and will never succeed.”

“We want to focus on fighting Mugabe, the crisis in the country is political not economic and if we address that, there will be an economic boom in this country. That can only be achieved if we win a war against Mugabe,” he said.