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4 maintenance orders in 3 months for Vic Falls man

By Leonard Ncube

Victoria Falls – A 38-year-old married man has in the last three months been dragged to the maintenance court by four different women he sired children with.

4 maintenance orders in 3 months for Vic Falls man
4 maintenance orders in 3 months for Vic Falls man

Farai Mwazira, of Chinotimba Township, Victoria Falls, has since been sent on unpaid leave by his employer so he could deal with his family matters, he told Victoria Falls magistrate Sharon Rosemani on Thursday.

Mwazira, a cashier, earns $165 per fortnight at Victoria Falls International Airport and will every month be paying a total $200 to four different mothers of his children after the court ruled that he should pay $60, $50, $50 and $40 for their upkeep.

It emerged he would use a different name with the women.

Mwazira has a seven-month-old baby with his customarily married wife, he told court.

On Thursday Mwazira was dragged to the maintenance court by one of the women Esther Moyo, 30, who was claiming maintenance for the upkeep of their child aged eight months. She told the court she knew him as Banda since the time they started an affair in 2012.

He denied paternity of the child saying Moyo came back from South Africa pregnant last year and as such he was not responsible for the pregnancy.

“This child is not mine. She was married in South Africa and brought the baby from there. This woman phoned me in July last year while she was in South Africa telling me that somebody had phoned her husband in South Africa to inform him about us,” he said.

Moyo, who is a mother of four with different men, denied Mwazira’s allegations saying she broke the news about her pregnancy to him in November 2012 but he fled to Harare. She said that is the time when she went to South Africa at the invitation of her sister who wanted to buy her clothes for the unborn baby.

“We started having unprotected sex in July 2012 and he would refuse to use condoms saying he did not like them. The husband he claims I have in South Africa is somebody I stopped seeing five years ago,” retorted the woman.

Victoria Falls resident magistrate Rosemani ordered Mwazira to pay $40 per month for the upkeep of his child with Moyo until she turns 18 years.

“The only conclusive truth we can have is for you to go for paternity tests. The problem here is that you went to see the child when she was born and you on numerous occasions engaged the mother about her which means you acknowledged her presence. You will therefore pay $40 pending the paternity tests or until the child turns 18,” ruled the magistrate.

A shocked Mwazira told the court he would not be able to pay the money since he had been sent on unpaid leave so he could finalise his maintenance cases to which the magistrate responded: “No one invited you here but you were brought by the women you slept with.

“You cannot then say life is unfair to you because nobody compelled you to sleep with them when you are married.” The Chronicle