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Beverly hits back at Zoey ‘demon’ jibe

Harare – Former raunchy dancer Beverly “BEV” Sibanda has responded to Zoey Siflenai’s allegations that she is demon possessed by telling Zoey to calm down as she (Bev) is not coming back to compete with dancers.

Bitter Rivals: Zoey and Beverly
Bitter Rivals: Zoey and Beverly

“Iye Zoey ndiyemwari (Is Zoey God) who can say my repentance is not genuine? Why is she judging me?

“Zoey is just afraid I might come back and spoil everything for her. She may be older than me but I was bigger in the entertainment industry than she will ever be.

“She knows if Bev comes back anowacha. Anozivakuti Beverly itora-mari United.

“But tell her not to worry. Handichadzoka, ngaagadzikane hake (she can relax because I am not coming back).

There were rumours that Bev was set to make a comeback to the strip-dancing industry after a fight with one of Prophet Magaya’s followers but she refuted them and gave the true picture of the fight.

“I went to see prophet (Magaya) and after seeing him, this girl, a former sex worker who is also getting help from prophet Magaya started shouting saying I get favours from the prophet.

“She said I had only arrived kuma 8pm and seen the prophet when others like her had been waiting since 10am to see him.

“But I had come at 8pm because I had an appointment since I know the prophet is a busy man, vanowandirwa.

“That girl also alleged that I was having an affair with the prophet so when she went outside I asked her nicely to stop making such allegations then she raised her voice and started shouting obscenities at me.

“One of her friends went and called a monya (one of the security guys) and he came and gave us a clap each.

“I didn’t retaliate, I just got into my car and drove off,” said Bev.

The scuffle sent tongues wagging leading to reports that Bev was ready to leave the church and her new business to go back to dancing.

There were reports that she has stopped going to church in the aftermath of the scuffle and was already rehearsing with her old band members.

“That is not true” said Bev. “Yes I am going to the studio because I now want to venture into gospel music. I am going to Dr Tawanda Benson’s studio and I do not have any of my old band members. I am doing solo rehearsals and composing gospel songs. When I am ready, I will get help from the (PHD church) choir.”

But does bev meet with Prophet Magaya often to get the alleged favours?

“I am new to the word of God and I am still learning many things so I need to be taught about the bible. But many times I make appointments and I see other people instructed by the prophet to teach me. It’s not always him that I meet,” said Bev.

The former raunchy dancer confirmed that she had missed a few church services but insists that had nothing to do with wanting out of her new found faith and Christian life.

“I have to go to South Africa and to Tanzania to get clothing for my shop. If I go to Tanzania for example, it takes six days so sometimes I miss church.

“All these rumours are because of this shop and people are hating. I am thinking of surrendering the shop cause zvikuvabatabata.”

Bev also came close to admitting that she used to make more money as a dancer than she is making with the shop.

“Well I am still new and even the complex where the shop is located is new so things will take a bit of time to stabilize,” she said.

Bev insisted that transforming from a dancer to a Christian was easy for her as she did not take alcohol.