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Zoey, Bev in nasty war of words

By Rest Mutore

The House of Prayer established by Prophet Magaya is fast becoming a ‘battlefield’ amid reports that new convert Bev has begun picking fights with members of the flock.

Prophet Walter Magaya and Beverly Sibanda
Prophet Walter Magaya and Beverly Sibanda

Last Sunday while people were busy worshipping, Beverly was busy insulting fellow dancer Zoey Noleen Sifelani via Whatsapp. H-Metro is in possession of the conservation where the two rival dancers exchanged lyrical shots in what appeared to be a battle of supremacy.

Bev started insulting Zoey at around 11am in the midst of the church service. Zoey did not take it lightly as she also replied making the battle to escalate. The verbal war only stopped after Zoey wrote warning her rival that she would take legal action.

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Despite Bev leaving the showbiz industry, at least for now, it seems the beef between two is far from over. Zoey told H-Metro that her former dancer was irked by her comments about Bev’s turning to God saying she was doing it for money.

Bev however decided to confront Zoey through Whatsapp, but at the wrong place, in the house of the lord. Read part of the Bev texts, “manje uchasu**chando. You need deliverance nemushonga wako…Holy ghost fire all over your body…”

Zoey responded to the message reminding Bev that she was the one who brought her to the limelight. The Red Angels boss (Zoey) told H-Metro that she was shocked with Bev’s attacks.

“I was relaxing in the comfort of my home when she started insulting me, calling me a witch and I replied her insulting her as well. What surprised me is that she was exchanging obscenities with me while she was in a church.

In response, Bev said Zoey is the one who phoned her while attending a church service provoking her.

“Ndiye akanditanga, she phoned me while I was in church telling me nonsense,” said Bev. Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries spokesperson Oscar Pambuka confirmed the exchange of words between the two rivals.

“Yes it happened, but Zoey was the first to call Bev and for reasons better known to her. I talked to Beverly and she said Zoey is the one who started insulting her,” said Pambuka.

“Remember Zoey and Bev were in the same industry and they were rivals but Bev has left she is saying Zoey should not continue with grudges since she left the market for her. Its unfortunate that the incident happened while Bev was in a church service,” added Pambaka. H Metro