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Elikem forgot that Pokello is also Zimbabwean

By The Ambassador

Elikem Elikem Elikem. ..that interview you said “Ghana women are more beautiful than Zimbabwean women and they are well mannered”??? What was going through your head?

Elikem and Pokello
Elikem and Pokello

You seem to have forgotten that Pokello is 100% Zimbabwean. ..listen, I have no issues with patriotism and yes I have seen some beautiful Ghana chicks i.e Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah etc but don’t Diss your “future wife” then do a disclaimer that Pokello is an exception lol (watoporonga dhiya).

In the same interview you say Zimbabwean food is crap, not in those words, for someone who loves food, the only seemingly nice thing you say about P is she loves shoes…I mean really? No she is a great mom, she is beautiful inside out or something…

This leaves me a bit worried for my sister…it seems to me the most important thing you wanted to put across is you don’t have a shop in Zimbabwe (which makes sense coz if u say u do Zimra will come after you), and you go on to say Pokello lives at home and I live “somewhere else”really, “somewhere else” does that somewhere else have a name? Or better still does that somewhere else exist?

It’s not like Pokello is a Virgin and sweety it doesn’t bother us, what bothers us is your thin, insincere and poorly choreographed interview. Elikem, tiri vanhu vakuru, usatipedzere nguva. Small note to Pokello: what is it about Elikem you love sisi?

It’s definitely not his intellect. And I just wonder if you think Zimbabwean men are better than Ghanaian men?