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Sikhala on appearing before Gumbura magistrate

By Job Sikhala

I once appeared before the Harare Regional Magistrate, Hoseah Mujaya, two years ago on one of the several trumped up charges against me accused of rape. Mujaya is an old magistrate who l think is now approaching his retirement age. 

Job Sikhala shares a smile as he emerges from the Harare Magistrates Court
Job Sikhala shares a smile as he emerges from the Harare Magistrates Court

I went before him as a self actor knowing the law well and was well equipped to argue my case knowing some of our lawyers are only lawyers in name and that the case was the fight for my life.

After fervently arguing my case, he warned the State from bringing fabrications before him before he removed me from remand.

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I inquired what kind of a magistrate he is from a number of people in the legal fraternity and they all concurred that he was an incorruptible individual, intolerant of political interference and a man who will blow a whistle if you approach him with a bribe.

He look simple and unsophisticated but in that thin frame is an authoritative character. When Gumbura’s case went before him, I was sure that he will get justice if he is innocent.

The 50 years he has recently been given with 10 years suspended for an effective 40 years he got should be what the magistrate found to be proper for his transgressions.

We will wait for his High Court appeal as it is given that he will definitely appeal against both sentence and conviction to see whether the Higher Court will agree with Regional Magistrate Mujaya.