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Then and Now: Makosi Musambasi (pictures)

In our series ‘Then and Now’ Nehanda Radio looks at prominent Zimbabweans from all walks of life. We get their pictures when they were young and take a look at what they have become. This week we focus on former cardiac nurse turned UK Big Brother contestant Makosi Musambasi.

Then and Now: Makosi Musambasi
Then and Now: Makosi Musambasi

In this picture she was 5 years old and doing Grade 1 at Belvedere Junior School in Harare. Many years later she has her own TV show Makosi Today and trying to rebuild her image after years of controversy.

In the second picture is Makosi at 16, when she was doing her Lower 6 at Roosevelt Girls High School also in Harare. We have contrasted the picture with her UK Big Brother days when the British tabloids could not get enough of her.

Then and Now: Makosi Musambasi
Then and Now: Makosi Musambasi
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Reflecting on her life Makosi told Nehanda Radio “When we are born, we all have equal opportunities to life…as we grow, external circumstances sometimes derail us on from that path we were born for but along the line we find ourselves back on track not by might but by the grace of God.

“Growing up for me was such a blessing (I’m one of those people who can never relate to that Drake song Started from the bottom now we are here) I am grateful. I have made many mistakes, taken paths I should not have taken of which I’ve paid a hefty price for but I thank God for His mercy.

“Doesn’t mean I’m perfect I AM STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS. ..What would I tell my younger self if I could, I would tell her “enjoy the marathon called life, don’t try taking any shortcuts, things fall apart when you take short cuts…trust God in all you do and always remember every action has a consequence.”

“What would I say to someone who has made so many mistakes they’ve lost count? ” be encouraged your destiny looks nothing like your history.”

“Concerning relationships “sometimes what you think was your greatest loss was actually your greatest gain, not everyone you lose is a loss…trust your struggle…learn from it…its going to give you a scar anyway so you might as well learn from it…There is purpose in your pain.”