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I’m not Jah Prayzah’s small house: Ammara Brown

HARARE – Singer Ammara Brown has moved to quash rumours suggesting that she is having an affair with fellow singer Mukudzei “Jah Prayzah” Mukombe who is married. 

I’m not Jah Prayzah’s small house: Ammara Brown
I’m not Jah Prayzah’s small house: Ammara Brown

The daughter of the late legendary singer Andy Brown is reportedly very close to Jah Prayzah leading some in the entertainment circles to claim she was now his small house.

This week however Ammara made it very clear “We just click as friends. Jah is married and I would never ruin his marriage.”

The two have recorded a song together called “Kure Kure” and Ammara said Jah Prayzah will play a big role in the Andy Brown Concerts.

At home with Jah Prayzah and family
Jah Prayzah (centre) with his mother and wife Rufaro

“ When planning the Andy Brown Forever Concert, I had a feeling Jah would be the perfect person to help me deliver my dad’s classics. He was very welcoming and invited me to watch his show.

“I soon caught what I call the “Jah Prayzah Fever”. We met, and instantly connected with our mbiras. He then became an Ammartian (my loyal fan) and it was simple to write from there.”

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