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Ovadose Boys: Teen group of the moment

A successful debut album earning a debut nomination for the Zim Hip-Hop Awards certainly makes the Ovadose Boys the teen group of the moment.

Ovadose Boys
Ovadose Boys

A week has passed since the clique that comprises of Kudakwashe “Stan” Mahachi (18), Andrew “Drew” Hlupo (18), Mufudzi “Lez” Tsomondo (18) and Shingai “Malachi” Mahachi (18) scooped the best High School Act award.

However, they are still to come to terms with their newly found fame.

“This is a great achievement. We did not expect to win but we worked hard and deserve it. It means we are certainly doing something right and we are happy to have something to show for it,” they said.

A product of popular producer, Anonzi Xander, they are set to officially release their self-titled album by year end.

It was their compilation of performances at their school, St Ignatius High, however, that earned them the top spot. Their trophy, a stone carved hand holding a mic, is a constant reminder of that.

“We would like to thank Zim Hip- Hop Awards for acknowledging our talent. Thumbs-up to radio deejays for playing our songs and to the people who have been rallying behind us from school. From here the only way to go is up,” he said.

It is only a matter of time before the youngsters take centre stage on the local hip-hop scene.

After all, they have all the ingredients of hip-hop stars.

The Ovadose Boys were brought together by their love for music at St Ignatius College two years ago. Since then, they have not looked back.

“It has been two years since we came together as a group but we have been doing music for years.

“This union in turn brings diversity, and we hope that it remains like that even if we split and go to different universities next year,” concluded Lez. The Herald