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Scores of aspiring temporary teachers turned away

PLUMTREE – Scores of Ordinary and Advanced level certificate holders looking for jobs as temporary teachers were turned away at Bulilima and Mangwe education offices in Plumtree Town. This was because preference is being given to college and university graduates. 

Scores of aspiring temporary teachers turned away
Scores of aspiring temporary teachers turned away

The development comes after the Civil Service Commission has assumed responsibility over the administration of the country’s civil service, including the recruitment of teachers as stated in the new constitution.

The majority of job seekers who were turned away on Wednesday after milling around the offices since Monday expressed dissatisfaction with the new recruitment procedure.

“I have been queuing at the education offices for the past three days and we were always being told to keep on checking with the office. It was only today that we were finally dismissed with the officials telling us that we will not get any posts.

“We were told that the only people who will be given temporary teaching jobs are college and university graduates which is not fair after spending three days at the offices with the hope of being considered for employment,” said a job seeker, Miss Miriam Ndlovu.

The Civil Service Commission has since nullified some of the appointments which were made by the education officers last week. Miss Nyarai Nyabadza, who had been offered a temporary teaching post, said her contract which was renewed by education officers last week was nullified on Monday.

“I have been teaching in one of the primary schools in Bulilima District. My appointment contract was renewed last week but I was later told that it has been nullified as it was not done procedurally.

“I am currently studying at Bindura University of Science and all along we have always been considered for temporary teaching posts but this time around it has changed,” she said.

Education officers from the two districts have also raised concern with the new recruitment process, saying it was slow.

“The recruitment process is very slow. Two days have gone by since the opening of schools and there are still a number of teaching posts that have to be filled within the two districts.

“To make matters worse some of the college and university graduates that have been given posts have not been issued with appointment forms. In actual fact their appointment has not been fully confirmed which means a number of pupils are not learning at the moment,” said an official.

The commission has announced that eligible applicants for teaching posts include college and university graduates with teaching and non-teaching diplomas and degrees, retired personnel, re-appointee teachers aged below 50, Ordinary and Advanced level holders.

Education officials were advised to stop engaging temporary teachers while some of those who had been engaged were dismissed. The recruitment of teachers is under way in districts across the country. The Chronicle