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Mutasa attempt to use Macheso backfires

By Tatenda Mabasa | Nehanda Mutare Bureau |

HEADLANDS – Embattled Zanu PF politburo member Didymus Mutasa – whose campaign rallies in Headlands have been shunned by fed-up supporters Wednesday was blasted by thousands of people who attended his star rally on the pretext that Alick Macheso will perform.

Mutasa attempt to use Macheso backfires
Mutasa attempt to use Macheso backfires

The move however backfired terribly for Mutasa, who is Zanu PF national secretary for administration after the sellout crowd of Macheso fans that stampeded his rally at Headlands Business Centre walked away in remonstration and wrathfully attacked him over the hoax.

“He cannot use Macheso’s name to woo us to his rallies. This is suicidal; you cannot lie to the people and taking them for fools. His actions will catch up with him on July 31,” fumed an attendee who refused to be named for fear of victimization.

Promotional material bearing Macheso and Blessing Shumba images and bearing the name “Simudza Makoni District Youth Association, powered by DNE Mutasa” painted Rusape, Nyazura, Headlands, Nyanga and Chiendambuya grey.

Only Shumba turned up, much to the chagrin of Macheso’s fans. Investigations by Nehanda Radio show that the free-show promoters had not entered into a contract with Macheso.

His manager William Tsanduka could only say there was no such an arrangement and refused to entertain further questions.

“There was never such an agreement between us and those people,” said Tsandukwa.

A Macheso loyalist had this to say about Mutasa: “His ignorance is encyclopedic. How can he abuse Macheso’s brand to achieve an evil objective. He made a grave mistake.”

A Zanu PF official who requested anonymity blamed Simudza Makoni, which he described as a terror squad for the hoax.

“Look Macheso needs cash up front, which the militias did not have. They went to the extreme in order to remain relevant in the eyes of mdhara for being able to mobilize a huge crowd. They are actually hurting the old man, but he can’t see it. He has surrounded himself with ignorant people who tell him want he wants to hear,” said the Zanu PF source.

Mutasa’s support in Headlands has dwindled to an unprecedented level with the largely powerful Chipunza dynasty that dominates the constituency masterminding a bhora musango in protest at the barring of their “son” Christopher Chingosho from contesting.

Chingosho had filed his nomination papers to stand as an independent, but was forced to withdraw after the intervention of Ignatius Chombo.

Chombo arm-twisted Chief Chipunza to dissuade “his son” from contesting, a move that further alienated Mutasa from the dynasty, which felt the move was contemptuous and abusive.

Mutasa has also lost the crucial support of the influential Chief Tandi, who the Presidential Affairs Minister did not want concentrated to the throne.

On the other hand, the MDC-T has elected a popular, combative and wealthy candidate to stand against Mutasa, whose alleged link to the death of Christpowers Maisiri in an arson attack has also added to his woes.

But because Mutasa, who is evidently facing his toughest electoral contest since independence, could not let power slip through his hands without a fight, has gone to the extreme by coining the Macheso hoax to create a fertile platform to plead for votes.

Those who attended the rally, which was attended by a frail Kumbirai Kangai, envisaging a free live musical diet accused Zanu PF youths of “rounding them up, forcing them chant the pasi naTsvangirai rhetoric”.

“Mutasa is suffering from bankruptcy of ideas. Why making us fools. I attended the show because I wanted to see Macheso on the stage. I do not support Zanu PF. I will not vote for Mutasa and Mugabe,” said another attendee.

Kangai urged the attendees to vote for President Mugabe to protect their land. The constituency is largely made up farmers resettled during the chaotic land reform era. The bulk of them have, however turned against Mutasa.

MDC-T’s Tekeshe hit out at Mutasa as a spent force.

“He is finished. Didymus Mutasa is now history in Headlands. He is no longer wanted and the people will send him packing on July 31.

“What new ideas can he offer which he failed to do for the past 33 years. I will retire him in a manner that will embarrass him for his remaining days on earth,” said Mr Tekeshe.

Of late Zanu PF has been using prominent artists Sulumani Chimbetu, Macheso, Jah Prayzah and Mathew Mhere, among others to attract capacity crowds at its rallies.