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Pokello and Stunner clash over Makosi

By Nigel Pfunde

HARARE – Rapper Stunner’s love life was at one time compromised by his relationships with women who both have Big Brother links. This follows the publication of a picture in which Makosi posed with Stunner at the beginning of April this year.

Stunner meets Stunner: Makosi and Stunner pose for a picture
Stunner meets Stunner: Makosi and Stunner pose for a picture

It is understood that Stunner’s celebrity girlfriend, Pokello Nare was not happy with the picture and sought an audience with Makosi. However, this could not be verified with Pokello as she is stuck at Sessani Studios in Johannesburg. Today marks Pokello’s 54th day in the Big Brother Africa house.

Writing in her weekly column Makosi revealed that Stunner had a go at her after they had the picture taken together. Makosi said she bumped into Stunner at a local hotel before Big Brother Chase began the two had a picture taken.

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Makosi tweeted the picture and Stunner immediately warned her against such action as it would mess up his relationship with Pokello.

Said Makosi: “Stunner walked up to me and I had no clue who he was. After introducing himself, I said let’s do a picture, when I put it down on twitter he begged me to take it down saying it would ruin his relationship as he was not allowed to be seen with me by his girlfriend,” she added:

“Then some concerned friends told me that Pokello and her sisters were hunting my butt down and I should watch my back.”

Stunner ACKNOWLEDGED engaging Makosi over the picture issue but she said it was an independent decision that didn’t involve his girlfriend Pokello’s push. “Yes I know the incident but Pokello is not in this thing, it was my independent decision.

“In fact, I never really had a go at Makosi. I only asked her why she had published that picture within 24 hours after it was taken. Anenge anodawo zvinhu iye Makosi uyu,” said Stunner.

The drama fuelled speculation that basing on the history of Stunner’s ‘standard’ of women, Makosi fitted in the bracket since he (Stunner) is known for sweeping well heeled women off their feet. However, Makosi laughed off at these speculations.

“Well Stunner is not my type. I don’t do boys, I like Alpha males,” she said.

As for Pokello, she said she has no beef with the sister since she in fact did not know her in person. “Truly I have nothing against her (Pokello), I don’t know her, and so I have no bad feelings towards her.

“She obviously knows me as I’m the first ever Zimbabwean to do Big Brother, the Pokello’s and all are following my footsteps,” she added. H Metro