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Team Pokello try to repair damage from her jibe at Nigerians

Pokello’s rant against West Africa during Sunday’s eviction show has left boyfriend, Stunner and her supporters group Team Pokello at variance.

Pokello Nare
Pokello Nare

While Team Pokello were trying their best to repair the damage by saying that the now popular fashionista respects’ West Africa’s, Stunner was telling the world that Nigeria is NOT Africa and will not influence Pokello’s Big Brother campaign.

Pokello was upset following the revelation by Diamonds head-of-house Melvin of Nigeria that he had used his save and replace privilege to put Hakeem up for eviction. It got worse when Hakeem was sent packing immediately after.

As the live eviction show ended, Pokello was caught on camera blasting what she viewed to be bias and even manipulation of Big Brother to suit Nigerians. She gave the example of 2010 when Zimbabwean housemate, Munya controversially lost to Nigerian Uti in the battle for the top prize.

The official results gave Uti eight country votes against Munya’s seven. Zimbabweans were outraged and Munya found himself pocketing US$300 000 from well-wishers who felt that the voting system was flawed in the ultimate contest.

There was an immediate reaction from offended Big Brother Fans from West Africa with some even vowing to show Pokello how influential they are. Interesting, Pokello survived on Sunday with four country votes and Nigeria was one of them.

This prompted team Pokello to put up a statement, which included a picture of Pokello with P Square following their tour of Zimbabwe last year.

“There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Pokello remarks about West Africas. Pokello has managed to remain calm and collected throughout her stay in the house despite the tactical challenges from housemates.

“She is well versed in international affairs and has aged to affiliate herself with people from different nationalities because she understands the importance of working together as a united Africa.

“I’m sure any misconceptions drawn from her statement will be cleared on day 91. Please keep voting ?#?pokellotilday91?. In the image; Pokello with P Square after she hosted the press the press conference and and concert in Harare,” read the statement.

However, as Team Pokello were doing repair work; Stunner was blasting Nigerains with his Facebook post:

“Nigeria haisi Africa this weekend we prove that. Zimboz everywhere ?#?SA? ?#?Bots ?#?Namibia? ?#?Malawi? and ROA? “Vote Pokello” to keep Zimbabwe on the map, ?#?BBATHECHASE?????????

This Sunday Pokello will be facing possible eviction for the third successive week and fourth overall. She has had an imposing show to date, emerging top in all the survival battles she has undertaken although Sunday marks the first time she faces hostility from Nigerians.

While Nigeria is just one country vote, the problem is that Nigerians are found in most countries across the continent and beyond. Thus Nigeria can easily influence country votes outside their own country.