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Hakeem’s head on the chopping board

By Brenda Phiri

One of Zimbabwe’s representatives in the Big Brother Africa — The Chase, Munyaradzi Hakeem Mandaza’s head is on the chopping board. It seems all is not well with the “pretty boy swag” as he continues to struggle to settle into the Diamonds House.

Hakeem Mandaza
Hakeem Mandaza

Hakeem (pictured) has been visibly depressed following his dramatic swap from the Ruby House thanks to head of the house Feza. It is now up to the viewers to vote him in, but that might be a tall order, considering he is up against Feza of Tanzania and Namibia’s Dillish in the Diamond House.

In the Ruby house there is South Africa’s Koketso and LK4 from Uganda. But what are the chances of the “Zim Hulk” as Hakeem is now known in the show?

There is really nothing happening within Hakeem’s camp. Hakeem is yet to come out of his shell and although he has got the looks and charm, there is no guarantee that he will win hearts. He has four days to impress Africa which ultimately has the power to save him.

If he appeals to viewers then he is guaranteed of a lengthy stay in the house. But should be survive this week’s eviction, then he becomes a strong contender in the house. Previously, we have seen how Munyaradzi Chidzonga made it through to the finals in Big Brother Africa season dubbed “All Stars”.

Because Africa loved him, he survived eviction a record nine times. After all, Hakeem has been a threat in the house and it is no secret that fellow housemates would be happy to have him out of their way.

As it stands, the youngster might have been put into a difficult situation by a series of unfortunate events, but given half a chance he is more than capable of being the last man standing in the house.

It is also worth mentioning that in terms of votes, Team Zimbabwe is pulling in different directions, a strategy that spells doom.

History has it on record that such an approach will only leave Zimbabwe welcoming empty- handed housemates as in the case of Roki who many believed was the most deserving contender for the grand prize, but thanks to disunity it was not to be.

It all boils down to one thing, dividing the votes affects both camps considering that other countries are rallying behind their own. It would be ideal if the Pokello and Hakeem camps were demolished and allow Zimbabweans to speak with one voice.

For the record, the vote for Hakeem fan page now stands at 235 on Facebook while Pokello camp is smiling all the way with 16 356 likes. The Herald