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Prophet Passion Java denies using Juju

By Bradley Mushonga

Kingdom Embassy founder Prophet Passion Java has rubbished critics who accuse him of using juju from Sangoma’s to enable him to perform miracles saying Prophets are superior to Sangomas’ hence it is impossible to get power from them.

Prophet Passion Java
Prophet Passion Java

In an interview held yesterday on Star FM, Prophet Passion said it is impossible for a Prophet to get power from Sangoma’s but actually the Sangoma’s are the ones who need to seek deliverance from Prophets.

“A prophet is born with power, born with a gift of prophecy, there is no way a prophet can go to a Sangoma because Sangoma’s are always under the prophetic, the prophet holds all the power” he said.

He added that if anyone had to get assistance from the other it was the Sangoma who would be in a position of visiting prophets for deliverance. “It might be Sangoma ‘s coming to the prophets for their deliverance and not a prophet going there (to a sangoma)”he said.

Responding to a caller who questioned the authenticity of prophets who predict non religious occurrences like soccer results, the Prophet said this was a way of ensuring convincing people that you are a true prophet and not someone who guesses.

“Giving soccer prophecies is just to make sure so that people will know that you are not just guessing prophecies but you are portraying a message that what God says through you comes to pass,” he said.

Prophet Passion also denied ever performing a “miracle abortion” in church saying some people were spreading wrong information.

“There is no way a man of God can pray for abortion because every miracle we perform is in the word of God so there is no way we can pray for abortion. We don’t endorse abortion. There are people who walk around claiming some miracles so that they can taint the name of Prophets.”