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Biti warns violent election may stunt growth

By Staff Reporter

Finance Minister Tendai Biti on Thursday said Zimbabwe’s economy would grow by 5% next year but warned the prospects could be scuttled if elections planned for 2013 turned violent.

Biti warns violent election may stunt growth
Biti warns violent election may stunt growth

In his 2013 budget speech to parliament Biti said:

“The biggest risk remains a violent and contested election.” A repeat of the bloody presidential run-off election of 2008 would “collapse the nascent foundation we have built over the last three years,” he said.

After MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai won the March 2008 election the Joint Operations Command (JOC), a grouping of all the state security agencies, responded with the brutal Operation Mavhotera Papi (where did you vote).

Over 500 perceived MDC-T supporters were killed, while tens of thousands were tortured and maimed. The violence forced Tsvangirai to boycott a run-off election that his supporters also felt was engineered by the election commission who withheld results for weeks while allegedly massaging the figures.