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Dancers Beverly, Zoey arrested in Harare

Raunchy dancers Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda and Zoey Norleen Sifelani were arrested by police in Harare on Wednesday following complaints about their explicit dance routines.

Bev and her Sexy Angels group
Bev and her Sexy Angels dance group in action

This comes a few days after Police Chief Superintendent Oliver Mandipaka issued a warning that the dancers risked being arrested for public indecency.

“Dancing is not bad if they dance with their clothes on but when they remove their clothes and become semi naked in full view of the public, then it becomes an offence.

“That is not acceptable and if they continue doing that they will be arrested and be charged with public indecency. Besides, that is against our moral values as a nation,” Mandipaka had said.

Bev’s manager Happers Mapimhidze said his client and Zoey were picked up from their homes for questioning over alleged indecent exposure before they were detained at Harare Central Police Station.

“Their major concern was whether or not Beverly and Zoey are registered and we produced the certificates from the Board of Censors which is a Home Affairs department,” he said.

“I think it is just a misunderstanding after the indecent pictures that were published recently, but to be honest there is no issue here.”

Although police confirmed the arrests, they denied that the pair had been detained.

“They were picked up by our Commercial Crime Unit. They just wanted to understand some issues. We are looking into the matter and interviewing them,” said Harare provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tedious Chibanda.

Of late dancers Zoey and Beverly’s dance routines have included calling male revellers on stage and simulating a sexual act. Recently, Zoey was reportedly stripped to the nude by a male reveller at a Bulawayo pub.