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Dancers Beverly, Zoey arrested in Harare

Raunchy dancers Beverly ‘Bev’ Sibanda and Zoey Norleen Sifelani were arrested on Wednesday following complaints about their explicit dance routines. Bev’s manager Happers Mapimhidze said his client and Zoey were picked up from their homes.

Bev flees as male fan strips naked at show

A male reveller stole the show on Friday night after stripping naked while on stage as a way to prove his manhood to Bev and the Sexy Angels during their show held at Basement Night Club. The man’s behaviour stunned the usually calm Bev.

Pole dancing in Zimbabwe getting dirtier

HARARE- Pole dancing, a new entertainment craze that has literally taken Harare by storm, seems to be getting dirtier each day on and off the stage following reports that some of the girls are now stripping in a bid to lure more revellers.