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Zimbo flees UK after getting daughter pregnant

A member of the Johane Masowe sect based in the United Kingdom is reported to have fled to Botswana after allegedly getting his daughter pregnant. The man who already has five wives ran away a few days before his daughter delivered.

Zimbo flees UK after getting daughter pregnant
Zimbo flees UK after getting daughter pregnant

The identity of the man has not been revealed yet for legal reason but all we know is that he was based in Luton, outside London and graduated from Bedfordshire University where he studied for a BSc (Hons) in Business Information Systems.

The man initially left his first wife in Botswana with their two daughters but later asked the children join him in the UK. Instead of having his first wife join him from Botswana, the man apparently brought a second wife who became a stepmother to the girls.

Reports allege that after the girl fell pregnant her step mother became violent to her and chased her away from home. It is said the girl was saved by social services in UK who gave her a place to stay with the newly delivered boy.

Two Zimbabwean women are said to have housed her for three months not knowing the reasons why she was chased away by the stepmother who feared the girl might eventually snatch her husband.

There were Facebook messages exchanged between the girl and the stepmother where the stepmother vowed to spill the whole case to Zimbabwean community in Luton should the girl continue her sex adventures with her father.

Matters apparently came to a head after whistleblowers threatened to expose the father for getting his daughter pregnant leading to his fleeing to Botswana.

Girl Child Network founder Betty Makoni confirmed that police in Essex and Luton now have the full details of the story.

The exiled founder of the Girl Child Network (GCN) Betty Makoni
The exiled founder of the Girl Child Network (GCN) Betty Makoni

“It is a very serious case that needs experts to investigate and bring the perpetrator to book. The case has very deep layers of accomplices who make it impossible for girls in such situations to report and expose the abuse.

“The evidence I have gathered so far shows to me that the Johane Masowe WeChishanu Church and the whole Zimbabwean community who did not report this case let the child down. Now it is time UK police move in with speed and stop the man from harming more girls,” Makoni said.