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Leonard Dembo son faces arrest for assault

HARARE- Morgan Dembo, the married 25 year old son of music legend Leonard Dembo faces arrest after beating up his ‘small-house’ girlfriend Sharmaine Kamuriwo, accusing her of having an affair with Alick Macheso’s dancer Majuice.

Adding insult to injury Dembo later demanded to have sex with Sharmaine soon after the brawl
Adding insult to injury Dembo later demanded to have sex with Sharmaine soon after the brawl

Dembo who is no stranger to controversy gave Sharmaine ‘a thorough hiding’ last Saturday which left her with a swollen cheek and black eye. He also dumped her near a bushy area in Harare’s Belvedere suburb.

Adding insult to injury Dembo later demanded to have sex with Sharmaine soon after the brawl and for some strange reason she not only agreed to have sex with him not just once, but twice. Sharmaine later reported the assault at the Fife Avenue Police Post.

Sharmaine said “I have been seeing Morgan for the past three months now but since Christmas, we had not been in touch. He only called me on Saturday asking why I had gone quiet claiming that he wanted to see me at 6pm. I complied and we met in Highfield where he was enjoying drinks with his friend Jah Love.”

Sharmaine said Morgan had indicated that he had missed her through a text message which read: “Shamwari ndakusuwa ini ndatambura zvangu come see me today plus wakaparamura (I miss you and I’m miserable, please come and see me today plus you have caused trouble.)”

“I hired a taxi to his friend’s place in Highfield and I was accompanied by my friend called Melissa. We arrived at 9pm and found Morgan and his friend Jah Love enjoying their beers.

“He then told me that he was disappointed by my pictures which had appeared in the Tuesday issue of  H-Metro when I was photographed hugging Orchestra Mberikwazvo dancer Majuice though he said it jokingly.

“After keeping them company for an hour or so, I decided that it was time to leave as Morgan was starting to become a nuisance as he kept on talking about the pictures.” Sharmaine also explained the brawl ensued after the taxi had arrived to take her to her home in Mabelreign.

“When the taxi arrived, Morgan tried to deny us permission to leave and he said he was going to come along too. As I got into the car, he twisted my arm and threatened to beat me up but we managed to get into the taxi. Morgan then pursued us in another taxi with his friend. Morgan directed our taxi driver to stop at a secluded area and I can’t recall where exactly we were.

“When the taxi driver left the two of us behind, Morgan dragged me to the bushy area and gave me a thorough hiding.  He finally told me that he was irked by the fact that my pictures had appeared in your (H-Metro) paper hugging Macheso’s dancer, alleging that I was having affair with Majuice.

“He punched me on my right cheek and took off my shoes and hit me on my bum. He took me to his friend’s house after beating me and forced me to sleep with him there. I was not in the mood but we had sex twice.”

Sharmaine said all she wanted from Morgan was money for medication.

“He just promised me that he was coming to discuss the matter and he would take me to hospital. My uncle and relatives advised me to make a police report and I had second thoughts because I still love him despite the fact that he is married but in the end I gathered up the guts to do it.”

Contacted for comment, Morgan confirmed the brawl.

“Yes, I beat her up because she wanted to come to my place when she knows that I am married. Sharmaine is a city b***h and I have been contacting her each time I needed sexual favours.

“We were never an item as she said but I just met her in town and I only phone her for sexual gratification. At the moment that’s what I can only say as I am busy looking for money to take her to hospital,” he said.