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Mugabe rapist Madzibaba Nzira dies

By Staff Reporter

Fifty-eighty year old self-proclaimed prophet Madzibaba Godfrey Nzira has died. The Johane Masowe (Chishanu) apostolic church faction leader is reported to have died at his Chitungwiza home last night.

Godfrey Nzira with his many wives
Godfrey Nzira with his many wives

Nzira succumbed to a heart ailment at his house at Julanifiri Santa Shrine in Chitungwiza on Sunday night. He will be buried Tuesday afternoon at Chitungwiza Cemetery. Family spokesperson Madzibaba Simbisoni Mhike yesterday said Ma-dzibaba Nzira’s health deteriorated over the past two weeks.

Nzira’s death comes just nine months after his release from jail on medical grounds. In 2003 Nzira was jailed for 32 years, later reduced to 20 years, on seven counts of rape and one count of indecent assault after raping two women followers from his sect who had come to him for spiritual healing.

The day Nzira was convicted, 2000 members of his sect went ballistic outside the court, beating up court officials and policemen on duty. Even the magistrate is said to have narrowly escaped death when they pounced on her.

A year before Nzira had hit the campaign trail in support of Mugabe’s 2002 presidential bid claiming Mugabe was a “divinely appointed king of Zimbabwe and no man should dare challenge his office.”

Nzira’s bootlicking paid off as he walked out of prison a free man this year, courtesy of a presidential pardon. The Justice Ministry justified the early release on compassionate grounds owing to Nzira’s ill health. Immediately after his release Nzira went on a tour drumming up support for Mugabe.

Nzira celebrated his early release by hosting a week long party that was also attended by the Attorney General Johannes Tomana. Also present was Minister of Information and Publicity Webster Shamu, from Mugabe’s ZANU PF party.

Reports said “Chitungwiza has never seen anything like it before. Sex, drugs and free booze were the order of the day.”

Nzira celebrated his presidential pardon by killing two cattle each day to feed the guests while trucks delivered beer, “and the faithful, vapositori, helped themselves to the illegal mbanje (marijuana), while the celebration deteriorated into a sexual orgy at night.”

Madzibaba Nzira is survived by four wives and seven children.