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Have I told you lately “that I love you”

Am sure by now you think am going to give you information about my love story and tell you all about how its going. Hmmm hope again. If you haven’t seen the video of Have I told you lately by Silvaa King then its time you do. 

Silvaa King
Silvaa King

A breath of fresh air to be honest and it all begins with a couple of pictures getting into the wrong hands. An incredible start of the story line. Obviously he has to get her back and eventually he does. So from story line to the quality of video.

You have got to upplaud the Zim guys on their videos as most of them are really coming up with amazing videos that one can actually watch. I am not an expert when it comes to video editing but great cuts are seen on that video and follow through.

Its not just his videos but its his style and writing skills which are impressive. I am not a fan of rap music that much except for the likes of Lacrea but I certainly do listen to Silvaa King’s music.

Once asked him why his album reflects a lot of love music and his response was that everyone seems to notice that a lot more than the rest. Other hits on his album are songs such as When it rains it pours, My Better half and his very own freestyle of the Hold Yuh Riddim.

So a job well done to you Silvaa King, lets hear what you have for us for summer.

To see him perfom live dont miss his Birthday Bash in Luton on the 23rd of July at the  DEJAVU NIGHTBAR, LUTON from 9pm.

For more information get him on Twitter and Facebook as Silvaa King.