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Charles Chipanga to launch debut album

By Charles Mushinga

New and celebrated music couple, Charles and Namatayi Chipanga, are back in the limelight. This time they are releasing the former’s debut album whose title is the latter’s name. “My album is titled “Prayer Expose (Namatayi)” because I’m talking about prayer in my album. It is not named after my wife, it’s just a divine coincidence I guess,” said Charles in the presence of his wife. Namatayi simply smiled.

New and celebrated music couple, Charles and Namatayi Chipanga, are back in the limelight
New and celebrated music couple, Charles and Namatayi Chipanga, are back in the limelight

The album is due for release at the end of this month at Glad Tidings Centre (formerly Rainbow) in Harare’s Parklane Street. “People will need to call and make bookings to have seats as there will be a live DVD shoot from 5:30pm to 9:30pm so we cannot afford to have people standing,” said Charles.

Speaking before his departure for Tanzania – where Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi is holding two shows – the Tuku marimba player and backing vocalist said this album marks the beginning of a musical journey that he hopes will be most successful. “I am learning and to be under the guidance and tutelage of a man like Oliver Mtukudzi is a great honour,” he said.

Charles’ first attempt at music was with his single (were he featured Suluman Chimbetu), “The success of that song shocked me. It shot to the chart tops and stayed there for quite some time. It was a tribute to Sam Mtukudzi and was never on sale. We are putting it on this album again, as it was as it was never commercially available,” said Charles about the track. The 28-year-old is the lead vocalist on all the tracks except “Gore Rangu”, which is sung by Namatayi. “I think I only say one word in that track. It is solely done by Namatayi.”

Charles, being a marimba player, makes sure the instrument is given prominence in most of the tracks on the album that is rich with an ethnic touch fused into jazz. He refused to be classified as a Gospel artiste. “That will limit me. The song Vapera for example is an Aids song because the disease affects Christians as well. I am an evangelist. I went out and talked to people so I can sing for them and Aids is one of the things they spoke about so I included the track in my album.” The former Chedonje Primary and Munyaradzi High Schools scholar also spoke about the other tracks on the album.

“In the song Baba Vangu, I am looking for my father, I need to lacate his whereabouts. Not that I do not know my real father but as an evangelist I sing about people’s problems and many out there are looking for their fathers. “What is important to note is the fact that I am not looking for my father because I have nowhere to stay or because I want his wealth, status and opportunities that I can get through him. Rather I want to know is he is saved and has received the Lord Jesus.”

In the song Muvabatsire, Charles is asking those who are blessed with the good news of God’s Kingdom to help those that do not know anything. “Mwari Baba is basically a song that identifies God as the helper. Every problem one has they should turn to God,” said the soft-spoken singer.

In the track Nhume, Charles sings about where he’s come from, “People can see where I am but they do not know where I’ve come from. I know how far I’ve come and what I’ve been through to get here and I sing about where I’ve come from in this track,” said Charles, all the while glancing at his Namatayi and giving her little pats of love.