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MDC-N least qualified to comment on PM’s private life

Over the weekend members of the smaller MDC faction led by Welshman Ncube took turns to launch personal attacks on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who leads the much bigger formation of the MDC.

"The ZIFA Chief Executive Officer Henrietta Rushwaya, ... is now rumoured to be officially married to Professor Welshman Ncube"
Rushwaya and Ncube travelled together to and from Johannesburg on three occasions inside 11 days

Addressing a poorly attended rally at Stanley Square in Bulawayo, MDC-N Deputy Secretary General Moses Mzila Ndlovu, accused Tsvangirai of abusing the rights of women following recent claims by a Bulawayo woman, Loreta Nyathi that she had the widower’s baby.

Other officials like Ncube’s deputy, Edwin Mushoriwa and Goodrich Chimbaira queued up to attack the Prime Minister , saying Tsvangirai’s reported liaisons with a string of women was a reversal of the campaign against the spread of HIV. “His love escapades are now too much. He is not even ashamed,” claimed Chimbaira.

Furious officials from the MDC-T have however said the allegations against the PM are being manufactured by state security agencies and the MDC-N was tapping into the cheap politics. ‘Instead of telling people at the rally what they have to offer, they simply showed their obsessive hatred with the most popular politician in the country.”

Another senior MDC-T official told us they would not lose sleep over the comments made at the rally in Bulawayo. ‘Everyone in Bulawayo especially the old MDC structures know what a trouser-snake Welshman Ncube is. So to be receiving lectures from a party he leads just made everyone laugh.”

In January it was reported by the state media how former Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) chief executive Henrietta Rushwaya ran a US$9,000 travel bill on trips with Ncube during last year’s FIFA World Cup soccer tournament in South Africa. Rumours of a relationship between the two started back in March 2010.

Documents obtained from ZIFA showed that Rushwaya and Ncube travelled together to and from Johannesburg on three occasions inside 11 days (between June 29 and July 9 2010) during the global soccer tournament. Rushwaya made the flight reservations on all the five occasions, raising speculation on the nature of her relationship with Ncube, who is also the Minister of Industry and Commerce.

Stretching back to pre-2005 when the MDC was still united Ncube was accused of abusing his position as Secretary General and having slept with many of the party employees who made up the staff compliment especially those in Bulawayo.

Over the next few weeks we will be serializing these allegations……