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Makumbe says Zanu-PF is poison to Zimbabwe

By Dr John Makumbe

It is not true that I was interviewed by a New Ziana journalist regarding the rubbish that is emanating from the so-called Wiki leaks website. I have not talked to anyone from New Ziana for the past five to seven years.

I do not talk to New Ziana reporters because they have the tendency to twist everything that I say to suit the wishes and desires of their paymasters. In this particular attribution, I am alleged to have castigated the MDC party as incompetent and as a party from which the people of Zimbabwe can expect nothing.

I never said anything of that sort to anyone whether from New Ziana or from any other media house. I could never criticize the MDC in that fashion because I am fully convinced that that is the party of the people. That is the party that has given Robert Mugabe and his aged political party endless trouble. The MDC-T is the only political party that has the capability of removing Mugabe and his rotten lot from power in Zimbabwe.

Of course there are times when I will be very critical of some of the decisions of the MDC, but these I will express to the leadership of that party in the first instance. I will rarely ever go public with such criticism of the people’s political party. But the claim that I criticized the MDC in the manner alleged is part and parcel of the Zanu (PF) grand scheme to discredit the democratic party led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

The level of desperation within Zanu (PF) and its media hoodlums to project the MDC in bad light is astounding. It is hard to believe that a whole news agency would sink so low as to attribute absolute falsehoods to John Makumbe as a way of eroding the MDC’s widespread popularity.

The belief is that if Makumbe is critical of the MDC then the majority of the voters will believe him and swing their support to Zanu (PF). Well, nothing can be further from the truth. Makumbe cannot influence the majority of the people of this country in any significant manner in relation to their choices of political leaders.

The people of this country need no further convincing that Zanu-PF is poison to this country. They lived through three decades of pain and suffering as a result of the evil governance of Mugabe and Zanu (PF). They have witnessed the looting, raping and murdering that has been authored and sponsored by Zanu (PF). They know it all; it is part of their lives.

But this may also be an attempt to ensure that the MDC-T will struggle to win the forthcoming elections if such critical fundis like Makumbe are seen as criticizing that party. Has Zanu (PF) become so bereft of campaigning ideas? When a political party deteriorates to the level of getting an eighty-six year old geriatric to repeatedly say “Zvirisei sei” parrot fashion, then it has really sunk to the bottom.

It is painful to watch some of the stupidity that Zanu (PF) is now displaying on the dullBC TV these days. I think the forthcoming elections are going to be comic, and some of the stuff will be worth recording for posterity.

The Zanu (PF) December conference is also going to give us a lot of material to laugh about. Listening to these old men and women singing Mugabe’s praises is the best tonic one can have after a long day at real work. I used to be sympathetic with some of these idiots but now I use their sick language to remind myself that I am sane and they have lost it.