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Makosi totally broke and dodging debt collectors

Zimbabwe-born Big Brother star, Makosi Musambasi, is completely bust and has had her £10,000 fee for ­starring in the reality TV show snatched by debt ­collectors, according to the Daily Star.

And the money men want another £20,000 from her, it has been ­revealed. Makosi, 30, landed herself with a huge legal bill during a battle to stay in Britain four years ago. A Big Brother insider said: “It looks like Makosi has built herself a ­mountain of debt and not been able to deal with it.

“She stays at home all day and won’t answer the door for fear of legal papers being handed to her. Her legal battle not to be deported cost her £50,000 and over half of it is ­unpaid.”

A company chasing her for cash ­managed to arrange a third party order at Aylesbury County Court, Bucks, ­requiring Ultimate Big Brother bosses ­Endemol to hand over Makosi’s £10,000 fee.

When Endemol failed to pay her, she wrote on her Facebook Wall, “Who said slavery was over, I’m still to get paid for UBB?” referring to the final Big Brother Show she starred in, Ultimate Big Brother. Sources say shocked Makosi did not find out until she was evicted.

Makosi in purple dress
Makosi Musambasi

Makosi’s money worries have baffled friends, who thought she had a wealthy boyfriend who was ­taking care of her. The Big Brother source added: “Makosi has loads of ­other debts to be paid as well.

“She owes a garage about £7,000 for ­fixing her car. A lot of people think she hasn’t even picked up the car, which she left there in May.” While in the Ultimate Big Brother house Makosi kept telling housemates about being charged a huge amount of money by an immigration lawyer.

She was the second person to get the boot from the house. She told host Davina McCall: “I still feel very, very blessed I was part of something so beautiful and something so huge.”

Makosi, from High Wycombe, Bucks, who was originally in Big Brother 6, won a battle to stay in the UK as a ­refugee in 2005. She faced deportation after she quit her job as a cardiac nurse to appear on the Channel 4 show.

Hours before her exit from Ultimate Big Brother Makosi was reunited with BB6 winner Anthony Hutton, 28. The pair shared a drunken Jacuzzi romp during BB6, in which Makosi was third-last to be voted out of the house. Daily Star